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The MULTIPLEX HERON is a high-performance electric glider with T-tail and high-efficiency four-flap wing. With its elegant wings and flowing fuselage lines it responds superbly to thermals.

When required, the efficient PERMAX brushless motor and folding propeller (RR version) deliver plenty of propulsive power. Its docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air ensure that the HERON provides a maximum of flying pleasure, whether you are a weekend pilot or an 'old hand', you can enjoy floating through the air for long periods, as well as lively aerobatics - all with elegance and precision.

The outstanding features of this ELAPOR model are its many new, innovative and sophisticated details, which set entirely new standards for this class of model.

The extravagant four-flap wing with its extremely stiff CFRP / ALUMINIUM tubular spar technology sets entirely new standards in the 2.40 metre span class.

Flight Time:40min (approx.)


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Part No: 25214276
Item Name: Multiplex Heron - Kit
Brand: Multiplex

A high-quality, fully aerobatic, 3D capable biplane for the experienced R/C pilot. Manufactured in Elapor foam the RockStar achieves a strong rigid airframe through its use of M-Frame technology, plus carbon fibre and aluminium reinforcement.

• Highly-prefabricated kit.
• Short build time (approximately 4 hours).
• Airshow looks.
• Chromed spinner.
• Factory-assembled 'M-Frame'.
• Aluminium motor mount.
• Pre-cut decal sheet.
• Quick-release wing retainers.

LiPo:4S 14.8V 2600Ah 30C (Req.)
Duration:7 min (Approx)
Electric Motor:Himax 4220-0620 (Rec.)
RRP £149.99


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 25214278
Item Name: Multiplex Rockstar Kit (214278)
Brand: Multiplex
A micro version of the delecttrtable Multiplex Solius electric sailplane makes the smartest looking chuck glider you've ever seen!

• Virtually indestructible EPP foam
• Excellent gliding characteristics
• Ready to fly in one minute
• Great fun for all the family!

Weight:45g (Approx)


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Part No: 25214280
Item Name: MPX Mini Solius
Brand: Multiplex

If you're in need of a model for all occasions, they rarely come more versatile than this. Glider towing, parachute and toffee dropping, water flying, and even full-house aerobatics, the FunCub XL does it all, with style and good looks.

A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug, that doubles as a versatile sportster cum sport aerobat, the FunCub XL boasts an incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability and, what's more, with its large, soft, tundra tyres it copes with any terrain, and can be flown just about anywhere.

LiPo:2x 3S 3200mAh Li-Po (Req.)
Electric Motor:FunCub XL Power Set (Req.)
Length:1200mm (47.24")
Material:Elapor Foam
RRP £144.99


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Part No: 25214331
Item Name: Multiplex Funcub XL Kit
Brand: Multiplex

With the MULTIPLEX FUNRAY a new era of the elapor models is about to begin! This fully-built, elegant 4-flap electric sailplane has inspiring and dynamic flight performance. The FUNRAY is a versatile model that is equally suited to flying on the slopes or hunting for thermals. Using crow mixing the Funray makes accurate landing like child's play. The FUNRAY combines incredible speed and precision allowing it to excel in aerobatic flight. This performance is made possible thanks to a modern hybrid construction with the use of carbon fibre, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and the special elapor construction foam.

LiPo:3S 3200mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:ROXXY C35-48-990kv (Rec.)
Propeller:11x7" Folding (Rec.)


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Part No: 25214334
Item Name: Multiplex Funray Glider Kit 214334
Brand: Multiplex
...3 ...2 ...1 Lets RACE!
The DogFighter SR is the ideal model for club races, dogfights season or flights with colleagues. He has tremendous speed range and always remains safe and comfortable to control. The SR is built, supplied painted and decorated. With the attractive, green racing decor, the model of the mass takes off and is also on the ground a show.

RR DogFighter SR
ELAPOR model, 95% factory-built, including HIMAX C3516-1130 motor, MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC speed



This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 25264251
Item Name: RR Dogfighter SR w/BL Motor
Brand: Multiplex
The EasyStar II.
With its superb flying characteristics and safe rear-mounted motor, the new model is the ideal platform for anyone who wants to make a start in the model flying hobby. As a rugged fun machine it is also a great choice for the more experienced model pilot.

This version is completely factory-assembled. It can be ready for launching within five minutes, as the canopy is already painted, the decals are already applied, and the power system and servos are factory-installed.

The new EasyStar II incorporates many improvements.
• Powerful brushless motor - three times the power of the EasyStar I

• Folding propeller for reduced drag when gliding

• Easily detachable tailplane for convenient transport

• Prepared for ailerons (everything included in the set, apart from the two servos)

• Large internal compartment - plenty of space for a large LiPo flight pack

What the EasyStar II really can do:
The most impressive feature of the EasyStar II is its incredibly long flight times.

Length:977 mm


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Part No: 25264260
Item Name: RR Easystar II with Brushless Motor
Brand: Multiplex
High-performance electric glider with T-tail, cockpit and clear canopy. With its pleasant handling and excellent perfor-mance the SOLIUS offers tremendous flying pleasure to anyone from the weekend flyer to the pro-standard pilot. Whether youíre looking for long gliding flights or lively aerobatics - the SOLIUS always gives a good account of itself.

The outstanding features of this ELAPOR model are its many new, innovative and sophisticated details, which set entirely new standards for this class of model.

Electric Motor:Permax BL-O 3516-0850 (Inc.)
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Servos:4x Nano-S (Inc.)


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Part No: 25264264
Item Name: Multiplex RR Solius Glider EP ARTF
Brand: Multiplex
See Further Items Recommended for Multiplex-RR-Solius-Glider-EP-ARTF
A fantastic model for the weekend pilot the RR FunGlider is supplied 100% factory-assembled leaving you to simply install your own receiver, charge the flight battery (3S-950mAh), plug in the wings and tailplane, and go flying.

With its friendly flight handling characteristics itís a sheer pleasure to fly, being compact, agile and highly manoeuvrable. Sure enough the powerful brushless motor enables it to perform lively aerobatics and, being a motor glider, long flight times are perfectly feasible.

Electric Motor:Brushless (included)
ESC:MULTIcont BL-20 SD brushless ESC (Included)
Flight Time:20 mins approx.


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Part No: 25264273
Item Name: RR FunGlider 1300mm
Brand: Multiplex

A practical, unlimited, performance, 3D and pattern aerobat with World Championship pedigree and Multiplex unrivalled quality

What do you get if you mix F3P World Champion Gernot Bruckmann with the internationally successful Extra Aircraft Company and the talents of the Mirco Pecorari design studio? Answer: An aerobatic model aircraft thatís been tailor-made for pilots who know what they want, know how to fly, and desire the very best 3D performance that itís possible to get from a stunning out-and-out pattern and freestyle aerobat.

LiPo:11.1V 3S 2600mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:Permax BL-O 3520-0920 Brushless (Inc.)
Propeller:14 x 7 APC-E (Inc.)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: 25264274
Item Name: Multiplex Extra RR SC Limited Edition
Brand: Multiplex
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