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25214331Kit Funcub XL£171.80
We developed the MULTIPLEX FunCub XL as a large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug doubling as a fun machine. The XL boasts incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability. With its large, soft tundra tyres it copes with any terrain, and can be flown just about anywhere The kit will delight you wih its high-level pre-fabrication. To fly the model you will need at least a seven-channel radio control system, a suitable receiver, six HiTEC HS-225 BB servos, the MULTIPLEX ""FunCub XL"" power set and two 3S LiPo batteries of 3200 mAh capacity.This ELAPOR® model features many great details including very elegant LED covers for the optional lighting system based on the POWER-MULTIlight (# 7 3030) - a real eye-catcher.



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Part No: 25214331
Item Name: Kit Funcub XL
Brand: Multiplex
25214334Multiplex Funray Glider Kit 214334£152.99
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With the MULTIPLEX FUNRAY a new era of the elapor models is about to begin! This fully-built, elegant 4-flap electric sailplane has inspiring and dynamic flight performance. The FUNRAY is a versatile model that is equally suited to flying on the slopes or hunting for thermals. Using crow mixing the Funray makes accurate landing like child's play. The FUNRAY combines incredible speed and precision allowing it to excel in aerobatic flight. This performance is made possible thanks to a modern hybrid construction with the use of carbon fibre, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and the special elapor construction foam.

LiPo:3S 3200mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:ROXXY C35-48-990kv (Rec.)
Propeller:11x7" Folding (Rec.)


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Part No: 25214334
Item Name: Multiplex Funray Glider Kit 214334
Brand: Multiplex
25264251RR Dogfighter SR w/BL Motor£205.99
...3 ...2 ...1 Lets RACE! The DogFighter SR is the ideal model for club races, dogfights season or flights with colleagues. He has tremendous speed range and always remains safe and comfortable to control. The SR is built, supplied painted and decorated. With the attractive, green racing decor, the model of the mass takes off and is also on the ground a show.

RR DogFighter SR

ELAPOR® model, 95% factory-built, including HIMAX C3516-1130 motor, MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC spee



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Part No: 25264251
Item Name: RR Dogfighter SR w/BL Motor
Brand: Multiplex
25264274Multiplex Extra RR SC Limited Edition£299.99

A practical, unlimited, performance, 3D and pattern aerobat with World Championship pedigree and Multiplex unrivalled quality

What do you get if you mix F3P World Champion Gernot Bruckmann with the internationally successful Extra Aircraft Company and the talents of the Mirco Pecorari design studio? Answer: An aerobatic model aircraft that’s been tailor-made for pilots who know what they want, know how to fly, and desire the very best 3D performance that it’s possible to get from a stunning out-and-out pattern and freestyle aerobat.

LiPo:11.1V 3S 2600mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:Permax BL-O 3520-0920 Brushless (Inc.)
Propeller:14 x 7 APC-E (Inc.)


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Part No: 25264274
Item Name: Multiplex Extra RR SC Limited Edition
Brand: Multiplex
25264275Kit+ Parkmaster Pro£179.99
Anyone with a hankering for extreme 3D aerobatics is going to want one of these, no question. For the would-be 3D pilot it’s the perfect outdoor practice tool, being light, responsive, yet massively forgiving, whilst those with a bit of experience will instantly fall in love. Sure enough whether you’re flying in very confined spaces or even moderate wind you’ll confidently be able to fly the full 3D and pattern aerobatic repertoire, from tumbles and torque rolls to square loops and rolling circles.

Adopting square-section carbon fibre spars the ParkMaster Pro boasts an unbeatably rigid fuselage, wing and tailplane along with a similarly tough carbon reinforced undercarriage and motor mount support.



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Part No: 25264275
Item Name: Kit+ Parkmaster Pro
Brand: Multiplex
25264284Multiplex Tucan Aeroplane ARTF£292.49
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A sleek low-wing model with detailed cockpit, clear canopy, stylish decal sheet and strong undercarriage. The TUCAN makes a great trainer or team flyer, and provides any amount of flying fun. Sound, carefully considered design has produced a machine with a superb performance combined with good-natured handling.

This ELAPOR model offers an outstanding set of new and sophisticated detail features which set entirely new standards in its class.

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR components for fuselage, wing and tail panels, cockpit and spinner.

Radio:5 Channel (Required)


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Part No: 25264284
Item Name: Multiplex Tucan Aeroplane ARTF
Brand: Multiplex
25264285Multiplex RR Extra 300S ARTF£197.99
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The original Extra 300 S is a single seat aerobatic aircraft with a 7.5 m wingspan and powered by a Lycoming six-cylinder boxer engine with 300 hp. It is one of the most popular aircraft in aerobatic competitions, shows and air races. The full size liveried example for this model is sponsored by MULTIPLEX! The MPX Extra 300 S has authentic styling and is equipped with many scale details, such as rivets, dummy exhausts, a detailed cockpit. The Extra 300 S is designed primarily for classic aerobatics program, but can also be flown in a 3D style.

LiPo:4S 2600mAh Battery (Recommended)
Channels:5 Channel


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 25264285
Item Name: Multiplex RR Extra 300S ARTF
Brand: Multiplex
25264286Multiplex RR Shark with Brushless Motor£129.99
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Eye-catching and unusual in equal measure, the Shark is an adaptable 3 / 4-channel basic trainer with an undercarriage, hand-launch, and float option.

Created specifically as a beginner’s model but with a performance that can grow in tandem with its owner’s ability, the Shark is a very special aeroplane indeed. In standard form, then, it’s a docile 3-channel rudder / elevator model that’s perfect for basic training and learning the dark art of R/C co-ordination. Once you’ve got that under your belt it’ll be time to harness the aileron option, fit the undercarriage, and experience the joys of full 4-channel control.

LiPo:11.1V 3S 950-1000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Permax BL-O 2816-1450 (Inc.)
Radio:3 Channel (Rec.)


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Part No: 25264286
Item Name: Multiplex RR Shark with Brushless Motor
Brand: Multiplex
25264290Multiplex RR Pilatus PC-6 Blue with Brushless Motor£199.99
Click here to see a slideshow.

LiPo:3S 11.1v 2200mAh (Rec.)
Flight Time:Approx 7 min (3S 2200mAh)
Radio:6 Channel (Rec.)


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Part No: 25264290
Item Name: Multiplex RR Pilatus PC-6 Blue with Brushless Motor
Brand: Multiplex
25264293MPX RR Stuntmaster 3D£139.99
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The Stunt Master - ideal for learning and practice of 3D aerobatics. The ELAPOR model is extremely robust and highly manoeuvrable in web loops, torque rolls or knife edge spins.

This ELAPOR model 80% built, including drive motor Permax BL-O from 2206 to 1050, regulators MULTIcont BL-18 SD, propeller 9x5 ", 3 servos MS-12016, including decoration and extensive manual.

• Extremely Rigid by CFRP reinforcements
• Powerful brushless motor for vertical climbs <

LiPo:3S 11.1v 450mAh (Req.)
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)


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Part No: 25264293
Item Name: MPX RR Stuntmaster 3D
Brand: Multiplex
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