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Monstrously easy to fly, this is the ultimate BIG trainer!

Thanks to the enormous light wing loading and forgiving aerofoil, the new, precision laser-cut Arising Star handles like a big fluffy pussycat and is many times easier to see, control and land safely than other smaller aircraft. You really WILL be amazed!

Open the big, colourful box and youíll find immaculately finished fuselage and flying surfaces, clear photoillustrated instruction manual, hardware bag including lightweight machined wheels, spinner, linkages, fuel tankójust add engine, R/C and starting accessories or choose one of the package deals available.

Like all Seagull Models, itís factory-built, laser-cut, incredibly strong and looks fantastic.

2-Stroke:Suits - 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-Stroke)
Radio:4 channel RC with 4 servos
Weight:Approx flying weight - 5-6lb (2.3-2.7kg)


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Part No: 5500182
Item Name: Arising Star V2 40-46 Trainer
Brand: Seagull
With itís racy sunburst colour scheme and fighterish rear decking the Seagull 40 Low Winger is ready for action and longing to be airborne.

A nearly symmetrical, well proportioned wing section gives the budding aerobatic pilot the optimum control whether upright or inverted. The generous fuselage side area provides superb stability with excellent tracking for your first forays into knife edge flight and 4-point rolls Like all Seagull models the aircraft is ready-made with factory-installed pushrods and factory-pinned and glued hinges for ultimate safety.

IC Engine:40 - 53 two stroke
Radio:4 Channel
Wing Area:410 sq. cm


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Part No: 5500196
Item Name: 40 Low Wing Sport
Brand: Seagull

The Bolero is a high performance funfly aircraft with huge control surfaces for 3D flight. The Bolero was developed by Alan Wood, the pilot behind the J!VE and was made with the aim of providing the next generation of funfly 3D aircraft building on the attributes that have made previous Ripmax funfly aircraft such as the Bossanova so popular.

Designed in CAD, then produced on jigs with laser cut parts and then covered in high quality iron-on film the Bolero oozes quality. All areas of the design and construction have been studied and optimised for performance and durability.

LiPo:5S1P 4500-5000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Ripmax Quantum II 55 (Rec.)
IC Engine:40 - .55 2-Stroke (Rec.)
IC Engine:60 - .90 4-Stroke (Rec.)


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Part No: A-ARTF6720
Item Name: Ripmax Bolero 3D ARTF EP/GP
Brand: Ripmax
See Spares for Ripmax-Bolero-3D-ARTF-EP/GP
When you've mastered that 'trainer' you'll need to move on, so look no further than the Black Horse Super Air!

Not only is the Super Air an ideal second model, it has enough new challenges in terms of flight performance to suit sports modellers as well.

The Super Air has often been compared to pure 'Aerobatic' models in terms of looks, but then been found to offer the performance to match.

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 (Req.)
Length:1250mm (49")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Servos:5x Standard (Req.)


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Part No: A-BH002A
Item Name: Black Horse Super Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
Classic lines and a forgiving nature combine to give unique appeal to fledgling and weekend fliers alike.

Simple in design but with deceptively easy flight characteristics the Travel Air is an ideal second model after the trainer or just a weekend 'Hack'.

With minimum delay between purchase and flight it's hard to resist one!

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 2-Stroke (Rec.)
Length:1250mm (49")
Radio:4 Channel (Rec.)
Servos:5 (Req.)


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Part No: A-BH003A
Item Name: Black Horse Travel Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
The Black Horse Excel 2000 is an ideal introduction to radio controlled flight. Featuring a classic asymmetrical wing section and long tail moment for novice friendly and predictable flight performance. Factory built from tough but lightweight balsa and ply. Factory finished in a durable film covering. This great value ARTF trainer includes detailed assembly instructions and a pack of quality hardware.Please Note: Additional items may be required to complete this model. If you require further information please contact us for assistance.

2-Stroke:.40 - 46
Radio:4 Ch.
Wingspan:1540mm (61")


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: A-BH005
Item Name: Excel 2000 Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
See Further Items Recommended for Excel-2000-Black-Horse
Many believe that your first 'low winger' should have a tricycle undercarriage, so Black Horse listened and came up with the fabulous Speed Air.

The advantage of such an undercarriage is the way it helps teach the way to take off with minimum fuss and maximum success.

It also helps when the flying field surface is bumpy and prone to 'tripping up' tail dragger designs.

Like the Travel Air, the Speed Air has a non-tapered wing for vice free low speed performance and easy control response.

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 (Req.)
Length:1160mm (46")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Wingspan:1500mm (59")


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Part No: A-BH007A
Item Name: Black Horse Speed Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
The largest Sukhoi from Black Horse. Not for the beginner, this beautiful model is capable of delivering a staggering aerobatic performance. And with those attractive Russian lines, how could you resist! Suppled factory built and superbly hand finished in top quality Oracover film. Supplied with immense pre-painted fibreglass cowl and spats, factory fitted pilot and canopy. Includes a comprehensive pack of Black Horse brand hardware, and detailed assembly instructions for the shortest box-to-field time.

2-Stroke:1.20 - 1.60
Radio:4 Ch.
Wingspan:1778mm (70")


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Part No: A-BH020
Item Name: Black Horse Sukhoi 31 180 Size Blk Horse
Brand: Black Horse
See Further Items Recommended for Sukhoi-31-180-Size-Blk-Horse
The highly popular Black Horse Chipmunk has grown!!

This latest version is designed for 45/50cc petrol engines like the THOR 45 and makes a great first model for your first large scale aircraft.

With that extra sizes comes a whole host of new features that make it practical and even more scale looking. Each wing panel locates against the fuselage side under a scale wing fairing using heavy duty aluminium spars. Transportation is no issue at all.

The main undercarriage now features sprung oleo legs and the left leg has the scale landing light in the leg fairing.

Length:1,760mm (69.3")
Radio:6 Channel (Required)
Servos:7 x High Torque, 1 x Standard, (Required)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-BH063A
Item Name: Black Horse Chipmunk 45cc ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
See Further Items Recommended for Black-Horse-Chipmunk-45cc-ARTF
The world of 1/5th scale warbirds has suddenly become very affordable with the launch of the new, big, Black Horse Corsair. At 90 inch span this is a serious size model, but by careful use of laser cut, balsa and ply components, weight has been kept down to an amazing 18 1/2lbs. This low weight allows the use of affordable 50cc engines that are becoming so popular now. Fit a 62cc engine an you have real performance in the vertical. The outline has been kept as close to scale as possible to keep the classic look 'all Corsair' as she grooves around the sky in a manner that only big models like this can.

Petrol Engine:50 - 62cc
Radio:6 - 7 Ch.
Wingspan:2310mm (90.04")


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: A-BH064
Item Name: Black Horse Corsair 50/62cc ARTF B/Horse
Brand: Black Horse
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