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Designed to combine maximum power with razor sharp throttle response in the smallest possible crankcase, the 55AX has the same mounting dimensions as the popular 46AX above, but an increase in power to 1.75PS. The dramatic AX fin styling is used for optimum cooling and the rearward angled needle on the carb makes adjustments safer. The new 40K carb and also helps increase the horsepower over the previous 40J model. Perfect for sport, scale and aerobatic models.

Bore:23mm (.906")
Capacity:8.93cc (.545
Power Output:1.68hp (1.75 PS) @ 16,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,000 - 17,000


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Part No: L-OS15612
Item Name: OS O.S. MAX 55AX(40K) w/E-3070 Sil
Brand: OS
A low-cost engine for beginners and sports models, it is reliable and very easy to handle. In both cases the needle valve is mounted at the rear of the motor, so that it can be adjusted safely and at a distance from the spinning propeller. A true lightweight 60 class engine with a surprisingly high performance.


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Part No: L-OS16512
Item Name: OS O.S. MAX 65LA Silv.W/E-4010 Sil.
Brand: OS
Designed as a replacement for the long established Max 61FX, the new Max 65AX has all the features of the new AX series, such the same mounting bolt pattern and silencer bolt dimensions, making a direct replacement for most 61 class engines. The real bonus is more power and torque for the same basic external dimensions.

Like all the AX series, cooling has been improved by the use of deep finning on the crankcase and cylinder head combined with the new fin pack shape.

The silencer is effective and a great benefit to flying fields with sensitive noise iossues.

Bore:24.0mm (0.945")
Displacement:10.63cc (
Power Output:1.75PS @ 16000rpm
Practical RPM:2,500 - 12,000


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: L-OS16521
Item Name: OS O.S. Max 65AX w/E-4010A
Brand: OS
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The latest engine in the exciting AX series. Features radical new styling combined with amazing levels of power and torque. Sharing the same mounting dimensions as the 61FX, the new 75AX makes an interesting proposition for pilots that want a straighforward power upgrade. Complete with 'P-Box' silencer.

Bore:25.8mm (1.016")
Displacement:12.29cc (
Power Output:2.4PS @ 15000rpm
Weight:578g (20.39oz)


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Part No: L-OS17400
Item Name: OS Max 75AX With E-4020
Brand: OS
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Designed to replace the 91FX yet retain the same mounting dimensions but with increased power and torque. The design has been optimsed to produce strong torque and power at modest RPMs and exploit the extremely effective nature of the E-4040 silencer. This concept becomes important as noise becomes less and less acceptable. Like all the latest AX series engines, the highly effective and unique cooling fins keep temperatures under control and the carburettor, the precision you would expect from O.

Bore:27.7mm (1.091") (15.55cc)
Power Output:2.9PS @ 15,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,000 - 16,000


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Part No: L-OS19120
Item Name: OS Max 95AX Ring With E-4040
Brand: OS
See Further Items Recommended for OS-Max-95AX-Ring-With-E-4040

The distinctive 120AX is a great engine for swinging big propellers on large aircraft. Generating a massive 3.1PS @ 9000 RPM, this is a serious engine for the discerning pilot. Features a compact silencer system well suited to scale installations. O.S. quality and attention to detail are evident throughout.

Bore:30.4mm (1.197")
Displacement:19.96cc (
Power Output:3.1PS @ 9,000rpm
Practical RPM:1,800 - 9,500


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Part No: L-OS19210
Item Name: OS Max 120AX W/ E-5020 Sil
Brand: OS
See Further Items Recommended for OS-Max-120AX-W/-E-5020-Sil
A large capacity engine that is both compact and lightweight. Specially tuned and ported for lower RPMs with amazing torque, the 160FX is happy to turn larger diameter props on scale aircraft, or low diameter/high pitch props on pattern type aircraft. Complete with an effective silencer and locking prop nut.

Bore:33.6mm (1.323")
Displacement:26.23cc (
Power Output:3.7PS @ 9,000rpm
Practical RPM:1,800 - 10,000


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Part No: L-OS19260
Item Name: OS Max 160FX Ring
Brand: OS
See Further Items Recommended for OS-Max-160FX-Ring
The second engine in the new 'V' series of O.S. four strokes is targeted at both sports and scale modellers alike.

Like the FS-95V, the FS-62V has the same 'classic' overall design that appeals to scale modellers that like their engines to remain in character with the model. The performance, on the other hand, is very much 21st Century and builds on the O.S. tradition of constant technological advancement with each new range. In the case of the 'V' series, there is also a strong emphasis on value for money.

The carburettor remains as the twin-needle type for both power and throttle response and the 'Jet Stream' generation silencer allows both flexibility of orientation as well as effective sound reduction.

By sharing the same mounting bolt pattern as the FS-52 Surpass and FSa-56, mounting the FS-62V as a direct replacement is easy and convenient.

The angled pushrod and valve layout allows a better shape of combustion chamber, providing better power and efficiency.

Displacement:10.11cc (
Power:1.1PS @ 10000rpm
Weight:486g (17.14ozs) w/Silencer


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Part No: L-OS30600
Item Name: OS O.S. FS-62V w/F-4050 Silencer
Brand: OS
See Further Items Recommended for O.S.-FS-62V-w/F-4050-Silencer
The first in a completely new series of four stroke engines aimed squarlely at the sport and scale modeller.

Stying is deliberately 'retro' and in keeping with the style of the very first OS four strokes. The original FS-120 had twin rocker covers and so do many full size engines in older aircraft. But 'retro' stying does not mean 'retro' technology! The FS-95V is a sophisticated piece of kit, delivering strong power and torque and offers a cost effective alternative to the FSa-81.

The 60P carburettor is a twin needle design for great throttle response and reliable idling.

Bore:29mm (1.142")
Displacement:15.59cc (
Power Output:1.7 @ 10,000 rpm
Practical RPM:2,100 - 11,000


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Part No: L-OS30900
Item Name: OS O.S. FS-95V w/F-5050 Silencer
Brand: OS
See Further Items Recommended for O.S.-FS-95V-w/F-5050-Silencer
The FSa-56 is the first engine from the new 'Alpha' series of advanced four strokes. With increased levels of power and torque over its predecessor, the FS52 Surpass, the new FSa-56 has razor sharp throttle response, a new internal breather/oil recirculation system, and dramatic futuristic styling.

Bore:24.0mm (0.945")
Displacement:9.32cc (
Power Output:1.0PS @ 10,000rpm
Stroke:20.6mm (0.811")


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: L-OS34300
Item Name: OS FSa-56 With F4040 Silncer
Brand: OS
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