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Styled on the latest generation of sleek high performance homebuilt aircraft, the new Black Horse Renegade is sure to turn heads at your club, even when it's not in the air! Beneath the tough film covering is a lightweight airframe constructed from laser cut balsa and ply components. This great value sports model can be made flight ready in the shortest time, and includes factory hinged control surfaces, pre-painted fibreglass cowling, comprehensive hardware pack and illustrated assembly instructions.

2-Stroke:.46 - .55
Radio:4 Ch.
Wingspan:1580mm (62.2")


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Part No: A-BH066
Item Name: Renegade ARTF Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
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An exciting new trainer with a little bit extra? That'll be the Black Horse Sedona! Bigger models fly better, it's a well known fact. And when you're learning to fly, the increased size of the 1800mm (70") span Sedona equates to increased stability, smoother handling and of course easier tracking and visability. Perfect for the current range of .46~.55 2 Stroke engines and standard radio equipment, the Sedona is manufactured using traditional construction techniques from high quality woods, then hand finished in a tough film covering.

2-Stroke:.46 - .55
Radio:4 Ch.
Wingspan:1800mm (70.9")


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Part No: A-BH068
Item Name: Sedona ARTF Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
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Updated from the first version A-BH072 this new A-BH072A Ryan 120 features new construction techniques and many refinements over the origional.

This is the largest Ryan in the exciting new Black Horse range. Perfect for use with 1.20 size four strokes, or the latest breed of compact petrol engines, this big 2350mm (92.52") span model is certain to be admired wherever it's flown.

And that larger size translates into a smooth and predictable flight performance that will delight any pilot with previous low wing experience, making it a perfect choice as a first large scale model.


Buy NowSupplier stock. Despatch will take 3-5 days longer than our standard delivery time.
Part No: A-BH072A
Item Name: Black Horse Ryan 120 ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
The 30's pioneer has returned as a practical and durable sports model! The new Ryan STA from Black Horse is instantly recognisable. It complements graceful style with all the latest modern construction techniques. This convenient size model is manufactured from the highest quality laser cut components and hand finished in glossy Oracover to faithfully recreate the gorgeous classic curves of the original. Flight performance is both smooth and predictable, with a wide track main landing gear and steerable tailwheel for accurate ground handling.

2-Stroke:.55 - .61 (Req.)
4-Stroke:.91 (Req.)
Radio:4/5 Channel (Req.)


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Part No: A-BH073A
Item Name: Black Horse Ryan STA .55 ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
The ultimate ARTF Pilatus PC-9? We think so! With a span of 1840mm (72.44") this is a large model, with the performance to match. Just a quick glance at the immense crystal clear canopy, crew figures and cockpit detailing tell you that this is a quality ARTF.

Closer inspection will reveal that it includes a custom set of tricycle air operated retracts with air control kit and sprung oleos, making the PC-9 incredible value. How does she fly? Brilliantly. Those beautiful lines translate into a smooth aerobatic performance that will delight any enthusiast.

• Air operated retracts included
• Finished in smooth glossy Oracover
• Fibreglass factory finished cowl
• Quality hardware pack included

Radio:6 Ch.
Wingspan:1840mm (72.44")


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Part No: A-BH076
Item Name: Pilatus PC-9 ARTF Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
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This updated version of the black horse stuka features an improved gear design and large top hatch making it easier to assemble.

The Black Horse Stuka is a near to scale replica of the Ju-87B-2 variant, representing an aircraft operated in Austria in 1943. Some compromises have been made to model construction/flying but the general outline is fairly close to scale, as is the colour scheme.

Designed primarily for a 1.20 size four stroke engine, the Stuka can also be converted to EP power if required and a hatch on the underside allows acces to change the battery.

Those characteristic ailerons and flaps work just like the real thing and are surprisingly effective.


Buy NowSupplier stock. Despatch will take 3-5 days longer than our standard delivery time.
Part No: A-BH080A
Item Name: Black Horse Ju87B Stuka-New Version
Brand: Black Horse
A beautiful and chaismatic aircraft, accurately reproduced by Black Horse in semi-scale format. Suited for .81-.91 size four stoke engines or a .61 two stroke and 5 channel R/C.

The original aircraft played a major role in both the Korean and Vietnamese wars in either communication or spotting roles. Like the original, the model has very docile handling characteristics and good STOL capability, thanks to the highly effective flaps. One was even landed on a US carrier with an escaping family onboard!

Construction is from laser cut balsa and ply parts that are factory jig assembled and hand finished.

2-Stroke:.55 - .61
Radio:5 Ch.
Servos:6 - 7
Wingspan:1890mm (74.41")


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Part No: A-BH082
Item Name: Bird Dog ARTF Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
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The famous Luftwaffe 'Butcher bird' is lovingly recreated by Black Horse to look and behave just like the full size! The Fw-190 was famous for its great performance as ease of handling, and this model is proud to re-create that. That wide-track, air retracting undercarriage (supplied) aligned with a careful choice of wing section and tail areas ensures the most docile of manners at all speeds.

Crank up the power from a good 1.20 four stroke like the OS FS-120S-E and you are ready to dogfight those Spitfires!! When it's time to land, the split flaps are effective and predictable, taking the trauma out of landing a scale warbird fighter.

The stunning, authentic colour scheme is printed on durable adhesive vinyl, which is then sealed with a fuel proof coating.

Length:1520mm (59.84")
Radio:6 Ch.


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Part No: A-BH087
Item Name: Black Horse FW-190A ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
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Just when you thought that Black Horse had done everything, they come up with a model that is both iconic and complex all at the same time.

The Storch is all about slow speed flight and STOL performance. It all comes courtesy of that complex high lift wing featuring both slats and flaps. The Black Horse version has fixed slats and real 'Fowler flaps. The flaps and ailerons even have details such as simulated mass balances out on 'stalks', just like the real one. When down, the slow speed performance has to be seen to be believed! Not only is it slow, it is predictable and controllable as well.

Petrol Engine:28-35cc
Servos:6 x 6kg, 1 x 3kg


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: A-BH099
Item Name: Black Horse Fiesler Storch ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
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The Harmon Rocket is basically a heavily modified RV-4. But modified hardly does it justice. The real Rocket is a homebuilt aircraft designed to look and go fast!!

Black Horse have created thier version to be as close to the original as possible but with minor changes to make her more practical as a model. The design (like all Black Horse models) was created on CAD and then directly transferred to a computer cutting program so that every component is accurately laser cut from balsa or ply.




Part No: A-BH100
Item Name: Black Horse Harmon Rocket ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
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