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57828Tamiya 1/10 XB Fast Attack Veh.£149.99

This is the 1/10 Ready-To-Run Expert Built version of the Fast Attack vehicle previously available as an R/C assembly kit.

Finished and assembled durable resin body and roll cage are mounted on ABS resin bathtub type chassis.
•Semi-pneumatic grooved front tires and rear tires with block pattern tread.
•Finished soldier figure and M60 machine gun included.
•Front and rear independent suspension.
•Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris.

Electric Motor:540 Class
Radio:2 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)


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Part No: 57828
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 XB Fast Attack Veh.
Brand: Tamiya
57835Tamiya 1/10 XB Jimny Wheelie 2.4GHz£189.99
This is a Ready to Run XB (Expert Built) radio control car of item 58531 Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) wheelie. The Suzuki was first introduced as a kit. It is now available for radio control car enthusiasts who are looking for an expert built kit from Tamiya's assembly line and expert builders.



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Part No: 57835
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 XB Jimny Wheelie 2.4GHz
Brand: Tamiya
57854Tamiya XB Super Fighter GR Violet£164.99
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This is a Ready to Run Expert Built R/C car of the Super Fighter GR. The product is a result of Tamiya's expert builders assembling the kit from Tamiya's factories. Each kit is hand built, painted and finished so the user may enjoy Radio Control action right out of the box. All you need is AA batteries for the controller and your choice of battery pack and charger (sold separately).

Its simple 2WD chassis features a straightforward, rugged design to ensure easy maintenance, superb reliability while its 4-wheel double wishbone suspension offers agile handling.

Electric Motor:540 Brushed (Inc.)
Radio:Tamiya FineSpec 2.4Ghz (Inc.)
Type:RTR (Ready-to-Run)


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Part No: 57854
Item Name: Tamiya XB Super Fighter GR Violet
Brand: Tamiya
57861Tamiya XB Lunchbox (Blue Style)£174.99
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This is the Ready-To-Run version of the special edition 1/12 scale Lunch Box Blue Style. The Lunch Box comes with a blue molded colored ABS plastic body and blue plated wheels. Other blue colored themed parts along with white accents parts are used to give this special version a unique and exciting appearance.

The R/C Lunch Box (first released in 1987) was loved for its camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. The boxy minivan body is raised up over the monster truck wheels to ensure that this R/C van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it.

NiCad/Ni-MH:7.2V battery (Rec.)
Electric Motor: 540 Brushed (Inc.)
Radio:Finespec 2.4GHz R/C (Inc.)
Scale: 1/12


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Part No: 57861
Item Name: Tamiya XB Lunchbox (Blue Style)
Brand: Tamiya
58205Tamiya 1/10 Mad Bull 2WD EP£92.50

Chunky lug pattern tires are mated to simple but reliable chassis components, taking form as the"Mad Bull" off-road racing buggy. Long throw coil spring shock units are factory assembled and 115mm diameter tires are factory fitted to the wheels.

• Chassis Type: 2WD Buggy
• Tread F/R: 245mm
• Tire Width/Diameter F/R: 68/115mm
• Gear Ratio: 9.33:1
• Body: PS injection molded
• Frame: ABS monocoque type
• Suspension: Front swing ar

Electric Motor:540 Class
Radio:2 Channel


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 58205
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 Mad Bull 2WD EP
Brand: Tamiya
58242Tamiya 1/10 Wild Willy 2£129.00

The Wild Willy 2 is a reproduction of the popular original Wild Willy from the mid 80s. The new Wild Willy has an all new chassis and larger tires allowing it to tread over rough terrain. Of course, the Wild Willys trade mark is the animated wheelie capability thanks to an all new wheelie bar.

•Chassis: ABS Monocoque
•Suspension: 4 wheel independent
•Damper Type: Plastic coil over friction
•Drive Train: 2WD gearbox
•Differential Type: Bevel Gear
•Motor Included: Electric type 540
•Speed Controller Included: 3 Step F&R Mechanical
•Wheel/Tyre Type: Chrome/V-Lug Pattern
•Body Included: Styrene (plastic) body is molded in a military green color
•Radio Type: 2-Channel Surface Radio (not included)
•Battery Type: 7.

Gear Ratio:18.3:1


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Part No: 58242
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 Wild Willy 2
Brand: Tamiya
58354Tamiya 1/10 Frog 2WD Buggy Ltd. Ed£148.99

First introduced in 1983, the 2WD racing buggy Frog made a huge splash with its eye-catching design and high performance running. The Frog now makes a comeback, updated for a new age, but with its basic structure essentially unchanged. Preserving its characteristic space frame, the oil dampers for trailing-arm type rear suspension have been updated to diaphragm type. Rear drive shaft features dogbone type joint for secure power transmission. Sleek polycarbonate body remains the same, while 3-piece wheels feature front grooved and rear spike tyres for excellent off-road running.

Electric R/C racing buggy features ABS space frame and nylon suspension and bumper for a lightweight yet rugged form that is perfect for off road running.

Drivetrain:2WD (Rear)
Electric Motor:RS540 (Included)


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 58354
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 Frog 2WD Buggy Ltd. Ed
Brand: Tamiya
58415Tamiya R/C Toyota Tundra High-Lift£389.00
In February 2007, after a full model change, Toyota released a full-sized American pick-up truck. It was the first time in Toyota's history that an "All American Made" pick-up truck was sold. With the rising crude oil prices and the increasing demand for economical Japanese cars, the sales of the Tundra in the Pick-Up truck market was quite strong. This model precisely shows off the Tundra's modern looks and its great ability to take on any terrain with its excellent drive system. Tamiya's truck model of the Tundra comes as an accurately reproduced Double Cab version.



This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 58415
Item Name: Tamiya R/C Toyota Tundra High-Lift
Brand: Tamiya
58416Tamiya 1/10 Rising Fighter 2WD£65.00
Aimed squarely at the beginner, but just a fun for the old hand, the all terrain 2WD Rising Fighter inherits all its great qualities and excellent performance from its predecessors The Hornet (Item 58336) and The Grasshopper (Item 58346) and also uses a similar body to that of other fighter series R/C cars.

• Independent swing axles for the front suspension, a rolling rigid rear suspension, and large sized friction dampers effectively absorb shocks and bumps.
• Bevel type diff gear.

Electric Motor:540 Class
Radio:2 Channel


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Part No: 58416
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 Rising Fighter 2WD
Brand: Tamiya
58441Tamiya 1/10 Rough Rider SRB Kit£279.00

The prominent figure of the R/C car boom was the Buggy Champ which was first released in 1979. Tamiya is now proud to re-release the Buggy Champ to celebrate the car's 30thyear anniversary. The chassis has been finely tuned while maintaining the original features of the chassis such as the unique front double trailing arms and rear torsion suspension.R/C fans' hearts will definitely race when they see the nostalgic form and relive the dynamic performance of this machine.

This is a 1/10 R/C assembly kit, measuring 400mm in length when totally assembled; it features a full set of ball bearings, an ESC and type 540 motor included.

Electric Motor:540 Class
Radio:2 Channel


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: 58441
Item Name: Tamiya 1/10 Rough Rider SRB Kit
Brand: Tamiya
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