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The brilliant O.S. FSa-72 offers extremely compact external dimensions combined with excellent levels of power and torque. Like all the FSa series, the FSa-72 has internal crankcase oil re-circulation, a super-smooth carburettor with anti 'spit' inlet and an ultra-quiet silencer. If you have a flying field 'noise' problem, then this is the engine you need. The new 61N carburettor provides both linear and fuel efficient mixing to gain you reliability and precison control at all RPMs.

Bore:27.0mm (1.063") (11.79cc)
Power Output:1.2PS @ 11,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,400 - 12,500


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Part No: L-OS34720
Item Name: OS FSa-72 With F5030 Silncer
Brand: OS
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The FSa-110-P is a great engine to increase power when you want to replace a .91 as it has the same mounting dimensions. Now you can enjoy the added benefit of a fuel pump with this new version of the 110FS-a. Plenty of torque to swing large props. Ideal for aerobatics and other situations that demand high power in all attitudes.

Bore:30.4mm (1.20")
Displacement:18.0cc (
Power Output:1.8PS @ 10,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,000 - 11,000


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Part No: L-OS35420
Item Name: OS FSa-110P Pump W/F-5040 Si
Brand: OS
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The biggest engine in the 'Alpha' series has been designed with both aerobatic and scale modellers in mind.

The pumped fuel system deals with the demands of aerobatic fliers who demand consistent power in any attitude and is tolerant to variations in fuel tank location. With consistant fueling, the FSa-155-P then goes about its business of delivering that stunning 2.6PS of power when you demand it. But that is only part of the story. The strong spread of torque down the RPM range allows a wide variation of propeller loads to suit both aerobatic and scale modellers alike by 'picking up' cleanly and strongly as the throttle is opened and being tolerant to those different propeller loads.

Bore:33.6mm (1.323")
Displacement:25.36cc (
Power Output:2.6PS @ 10,000 rpm
Practical RPM:2,000 - 10,000 rpm


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Part No: L-OS35430
Item Name: OS O.S. FSa-155-P
Brand: OS
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The FS120 is available in two versions, this is the more economical suction fed version. Supplied with a high precision twin needle carburettor for smooth efficient control of the massive power available. Perfect for use with larger sport, aerobatic and scale models, supplied complete with silencer.

Bore:30.4mm (1.197")
Displacement:19.96cc (
Power Output:1.9PS @ 11,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,000 - 11,000


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Part No: L-OS35530
Item Name: OS FS120 Surpass E
Brand: OS
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There is nothing quite like the sound and smoothness of a multi-cylinder four stroke engine, and nobody has more experience in this area than O.S. The twin cylinder Gemini FT-160 has a displacement of 26.5cc, and features five ball races, ringed piston/liner assemblies, and a special propeller locknut.

Displacement:13.26cc (x2)
Practical RPM:2,000 - 10,000


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Part No: L-OS36108
Item Name: OS FT-160 Gemini
Brand: OS
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Closely following the design of many full-size light aircraft engines, the O.S. Pegasus 320 is a horizontally opposed four cylinder engine. The Pegasus is unique: it is the only flat four model aircraft engine on the market. It is powerful, yet very easy to handle and incredibly free from vibration. It features pushrod OHV, seven ball bearings, ringed pistons and a special propeller locknut assembly as standard. The FF-320 Pegasus is a unique engine that will exceed all your performance and quality expectations.

Displacement:4x 13.26cc
Practical RPM:1,800 - 8,500
Propeller Range:18x10, 20x8-10, 22x8


Buy NowSupplier stock. Despatch will take 3-5 days longer than our standard delivery time.
Part No: L-OS36410
Item Name: O.S. FF-320 Pegasus Four-Stroke 4-Cylinder Engine
Brand: OS
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Since 1986, O.S. owners have enjoyed the unique experience of owning and operating the fabulous FR5-300 Sirius 5 cylinder radial. Models have become bigger over the years and O.S. wanted to release a new radial engine to cater for that market. The result is the gorgeous FR7-420. With 7 cylinders and a capacity increase to nearly 70cc, the FR7-420 offers a dramatic increase in both torque and power. In keeping with the scale image set by the Sirius, the new FR7-420 has been styled in the same way with front pushrods and separate rocker boxes for the inlet and exhaust valves.


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: L-OS37010
Item Name: OS O.S. FR7-420 Sirius 7
Brand: OS
The GT15 is equivalent in power to an OS 75AX and is designed to fit in place of a .61-.91 engine but give you the efficiency of a petrol engine. The new 61H carburetor design is made specifically for this engine and features an angled needle valve assembly for safer use.

Ignition is provided by a sophisticated unit that is also common to many OS petrol engines. The main HT lead is shielded to prevent spurious emissions and the spark is delivered by a high quality CM-6 spark plug. Not quite a fit and forget system but pretty close!

Bore:27.7mm (1.090")
Displacement:0.91 (14.95 cc)
Power:2.37 hp (2.4 ps) @ 15,000 rpm


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Part No: L-OS38160
Item Name: O.S. GT15 Petrol w/E-4020
Brand: OS
Bringing the OS petrol engine technology into the smaller class of model, the OS GT-22 has all the sophistication that you would expect from OS in terms of quality of manufacturer and innovative design yet manages to combine it all in a compact, powerful package.

Like the GT-33, the GT-22 has a steel liner for durabilty, a lightweight, ringed piston and a one piece crankcase. OS are the masters of optimising internal designs in a way that allows superb performance combined with easy starting, long life.

Displacement:22.12cc (
Practical RPM:1800 - 9000 RPM
Propeller Range:15 x 10, 16 x 8/10, 17 x 6/8
Weight:999.2g (35.24oz) Complete


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Part No: L-OS38200
Item Name: O.S. GT22 Petrol w/E-5040 Silencer
Brand: OS
The second engine in the latest O.S. GT series of petrol engines is designed for the new class of models that are emerging onto the market that are specifically targeted at this size and type of engine. Many of these models are sleek in design, so O.S. has chosen a rear mounted Walbro carburettor with reed valve induction.

The advantage of spark ignition petrol engines over regular glow engines is the optimised ignition timing across the rev range that will not change as load goes on and off.

Like its bigger brother, the GT-55, the GT-33 is a purpose designed model engine and is not based on an industrial unit and just modified.

Power Output:3.9PS @ 9,000rpm
Practical RPM:1,800 - 8,000


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Part No: L-OS38300
Item Name: O.S. GT33 Petrol w/E-5030 Silencer
Brand: OS
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