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The DeHavilland Gypsy Moth requires no introduction; it is a true classic. Seagull have faithfully produced a 6' wingpan version of this iconic aircraft and supplied it in ARTF format complete with 2 differently coloured pilot figures. Also suitable for electric conversion.

Electric Motor:90 Size (Recommended)
2-Stroke:.90 (Recommended)
4-Stroke:.120 (Recommended)
Length:142mm (56")


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Part No: 5500124
Item Name: Gipsy Moth 1830mm .91
Brand: Seagull
Seagullís passion to deliver aeroplanes that both excite and enthuse is exemplified in this traditional balsa and ply ARTF, inspired by the Douglas A-1 Skyraider single seat attack aircraft. Decorated in the colours of a French Air Force Skyraider based at Boufarik, Algeria, in July 1960, Seagullís model features pre-built and pre-covered fuselage, wing and tail assemblies, pre-installed hinges throughout, and a neatly painted glass fibre cowl, the whole designed to make light work of the basic assembly process.

IC Engine:10 - 15cc
Wing Area:637 sq. in.


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Part No: 5500155
Item Name: Skyraider Warbird (Tiger) 10cc
Brand: J Perkins
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Even at the time of its maiden flight in 1936 Westlandís answer to the the 1934 Air Ministry specification that called for an army co-operation and liaison aircraft was, to be honest, looking rather dated. Even so, with its fully automatic wing slots, slotted flaps and variable incidence tailplane the Lysander was aerodynamically advanced, offering its pilots a stall speed of just 65mph and an enviable STOL capability. So it was, then, that the Lysander beat Bristolís Type 148, won the contract, and entered the popular annals of history.

Wing Area:1471 sq. in.


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Part No: 5500158
Item Name: Westland Lysander III (SEA-216)
Brand: Seagull
The Steen Skybolt is an American home-built aerobatic biplane. Originally designed by Lamar Steen as an engineering project, the prototype first flew in October 1970. A Skybolt won the Reserve Grand Champion Custom Built for 1979 at the Experimental Aircraft Association airshow in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Presented in an eye catching colour scheme this 61Ē span high quality balsa / ply ARTF comes factory covered in genuine gloss finish Oracover film and features a detailed cockpit, pre-painted glass fibre cowl and spats, a tough two-piece painted undercarriage, all the necessary hardware for either glow or electric power and, crucially, stunning good looks.

Wing Area:1023 sq. in.


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Part No: 5500159
Item Name: Steen Skybolt N250SB 15cc
Brand: J Perkins
Designed with the sports flyer in mind, the Classic Ugly Stick 71 is an aeroplane that's easy to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally constructed from quality balsa and plywood to make it stronger than the average ARTF, while the clever design keeps the airframe surprisingly light. Most of the work has been done for you already. The pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed then pinned for security. Flying the Classic Ugly Stick 71 inches is simply a joy.

Weight:(lb): 7.7
Wing Area:(sq. in): 1033.2


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Part No: 5500167
Item Name: Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc
Brand: J Perkins
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Seagull were the first to bring this great-looking RAAF Roulette Display Team aircraft to the attention of the discerning modeller. The smooth flight performance of the original 46-powered model has become legendary. Now also available in two larger sizes with retracts included, these are as smooth and buttery in flight as the original, as well as looking top banana!

• Factory covered with Oracover

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 (Rec.)
4-Stroke:.52 (Rec.)
Length:1110mm (43.7")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: 5500168
Item Name: Seagull Pilatus PC9 Roulette Seagull
Brand: Seagull
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THE model of the outrageously-powered full-size world-beating aerobatic mount. Tail-end servo mounts, painted glass cowl, beautiful trim and decals factory-done for you. Wow, a big 68ins of staggering power!



This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: 5500170
Item Name: Seagull Edge-540 (60 Size)
Brand: Seagull
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Monstrously easy to fly, this is the ultimate BIG trainer!

Thanks to the enormous light wing loading and forgiving aerofoil, the new, precision laser-cut Arising Star handles like a big fluffy pussycat and is many times easier to see, control and land safely than other smaller aircraft. You really WILL be amazed!

Open the big, colourful box and youíll find immaculately finished fuselage and flying surfaces, clear photoillustrated instruction manual, hardware bag including lightweight machined wheels, spinner, linkages, fuel tankójust add engine, R/C and starting accessories or choose one of the package deals available.

Like all Seagull Models, itís factory-built, laser-cut, incredibly strong and looks fantastic.

2-Stroke:Suits - 40-46 2-stroke. (52 4-Stroke)
Radio:4 channel RC with 4 servos
Weight:Approx flying weight - 5-6lb (2.3-2.7kg)


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Part No: 5500182
Item Name: Arising Star V2 40-46 Trainer
Brand: Seagull
With itís racy sunburst colour scheme and fighterish rear decking the Seagull 40 Low Winger is ready for action and longing to be airborne.

A nearly symmetrical, well proportioned wing section gives the budding aerobatic pilot the optimum control whether upright or inverted. The generous fuselage side area provides superb stability with excellent tracking for your first forays into knife edge flight and 4-point rolls Like all Seagull models the aircraft is ready-made with factory-installed pushrods and factory-pinned and glued hinges for ultimate safety.

IC Engine:40 - 53 two stroke
Radio:4 Channel
Wing Area:410 sq. cm


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Part No: 5500196
Item Name: 40 Low Wing Sport
Brand: Seagull
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Bucket loads of fun with fantastic flying for beginners or experts. An utterly outrageous flying wing requiring just two standard servos and a JP Elevon V/tail mixer (JP part no. 4460520). Fiendishly cunning construction features unbustable EPP combined with moulded foam for stonking durability and blinding speed of assembly (approx.3 hours). Dazzlingly coloured roll of covering tape is included. When covered with optional fibreglass reinforced Bullet tape, the model is almost unbreakable. Fly it from the slope in the tiniest zephyr of a breeze or in a howling hooly hurricane.

Radio:2 Ch. (W/Delta Mixing)
Wingspan:1220mm (48")


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Part No: 5500285
Item Name: J Perkins Zagi-SI 48" JP
Brand: J Perkins
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