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Roket Re-Cap - s-se60


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: S-SE60
Item Name: Deluxe Roket Re-Cap
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Foam Armour 250ml - s-se61
A thick water based resin that sets to produce an attractive, durable, scratch resistant coating on foam to prevent dings, wear & disintegration. It dries to a surface that can be painted & glued easily and will reduce damage. 250ml covers 0.7 sqm.

• Creates a hard durable surface layer on foam and wood
• Ideal for model aircraft, scenics etc.
• Easy to apply
• Seals surfaces, gaps and foam edges to prevent disintegration
• Can be over-coated or



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Part No: S-SE61
Item Name: Deluxe Foam Armour 250ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Wonderfill 240ml - s-se62
An easy sanding, strong, lightweight filler designed to fill small gaps and indentations in foam, wood etc. It is easily applied and smoothed with a damp finger and can be sanded back with coarse and then fine sanding tools. Wonderfill, when set, does not crumble like other lightweight fillers. Furthermore it can be over-coated with Deluxe Materials Foam Armour for improved surface toughness and finish before being painted.

One part, no mixing; tougher than other lightweight fillers. Non shrinking Bonds wood, foam etc Water clean up.


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE62
Item Name: Wonderfill 240ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick -50ml - s-se63
Tricky Stick allows cyano to bond difficult shiny plastics and foam. It is a multi-surface primer for EPP, EPO, Acetals, Fluorinated rubbers, silicones, polythene and polypropylene. It increases the versatility of cyano as a glue and improves its strength.

Simply brush Tricky Stick onto shiny surfaces and allow to dry. Apply your favourite Roket cyano glue to one surface and quickly bring the joint together holding tightly until set. Tricky Stick is the ultimate product for bonding foam and plastics.


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE63
Item Name: Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick - 50ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Sand 'N' Seal 250ml - s-se64
A versatile wood grain sealer for balsa, ply and hardwood. High build with simple water clean up and low odour. Coats and seals wood grain prior to painting and finishing. Use with all types of paints including enamel, cellulose, acrylic or epoxy. Stir well before use. Apply with brush and allow to dry. Sands beautifully after 60 mins. Clean brushes with water. Economical in use. Non-flammable. Covers 1.5 sq metres.


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE64
Item Name: Deluxe Sand 'N' Seal 250ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Pin Point Glue Syringe Kit - s-se65


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE65
Item Name: Deluxe Pin Point Glue Syringe Kit
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Plastic Kit Glue 20ml - s-se66


Buy NowSupplier stock. Despatch will take 3-5 days longer than our standard delivery time.
Part No: S-SE66
Item Name: Deluxe Plastic Kit Glue 20ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Brush Magic 125ml - s-se67
Brush Magic is a powerful, non-flammable brush cleaner that has been formulated for the rapid cleaning of all types of wet or dried paints from paintbrushes, airbrushes, tools and more. Can also be used to clean up and remove epoxy or polyester and polyurethane resins and glues before they are set.

• Restores and revives brushes like new!
• Washes away with water - non-flammable
• Safer for your health and the environment
• Non volatile and very


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE67
Item Name: Deluxe Brush Magic 125ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Aerokote Make-It-Matt 50Ml - s-se68
A simple matting agent that blends readily with Aerokote Gloss to give it a satin or matt finish. Measure & add “Make it Matt” to Aerokote Gloss in the quantities as tabulated below. Then add standard Aerokote catalyst to the mix in ratio 10:1 as usual and mix well.

Volume of Make it Matt to add to 25ml of Aerokote gloss:
• Gloss: Nil
• Satin Effect: 8ml
• Matt: 16ml
• Dead Matt: 25ml

Important: Before application, especially on paints, test on a trial painted area before application.


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE68
Item Name: Deluxe Materials Aerokote Make-It-Matt 50Ml
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Smart Plastic 125g (200ml) - s-se69
Smart Plastic is a safe, white modelling plastic that is easily melted in hot water (40~60C) to give a soft consistency which is ideal for hand moulding to any shape. Allowed to cool, it sets in 3 to 4 minutes into a tough, flexible plastic that can be re-melted and re-used. Ideal for custom-making impressions, model car body parts, scale details, creating prototypes and much, much more!

• Can be handled quickly
• Setting can be accelerated by immersing in cold water


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: S-SE69
Item Name: Deluxe Smart Plastic 125g (200ml)
Brand: Deluxe Materials
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