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ARTF kits are great, we all love Ďem and we all appreciate the time savings they provide, however a growing number of R/C flyers are finding that, having assembled one or two ARTFs, what they really fancy is a stab at traditional building. Some choose a plan build for their first foray into balsa-bashing but most seek a simple kit, a kit such as the Seagull Challenger, that offers all the advantages of laser cut parts, carefully chosen hardware and an instruction manual that guides you step-by-step through the build process.

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 2-Stroke (Req.)
4-Stroke:.52 - .61 4-Stroke (Req.)


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Part No: 5500004
Item Name: Seagull Challenger Kit
Brand: Seagull
Forever, well as long as we can remember, the PT-19 has been a popular choice for classic model pilots because of their looks, flying characteristics and a bit of nostalgia thrown in. This PT-19 boasts a large 202cm wingspan so itís not a small model by any means and this large scale helps make this PT-19 a formidable model.

We get use to seeing a well presented kit from the Seagull factory and this is no exception. Opening the large box you will be faced with a neatly packed kit with all contents individually pack and secured ensuring the kit reaches you in the best possible condition.


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: 5500085
Item Name: PT-19 Giant Scale
Brand: Seagull
Designed with the sports flyer in mind, the Classic Ugly Stick 71 is an aeroplane that's easy to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally constructed from quality balsa and plywood to make it stronger than the average ARTF, while the clever design keeps the airframe surprisingly light. Most of the work has been done for you already. The pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed then pinned for security. Flying the Classic Ugly Stick 71 inches is simply a joy.

Weight:(lb): 7.7
Wing Area:(sq. in): 1033.2


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: 5500167
Item Name: Classic Ugly Stick 10-15cc
Brand: J Perkins
A stylish Ultimate bi-plane from Seagull models. This large 90-120 class model is built up form balsa and ply then precovered in Oracover.

4-Stroke:.90 - 1.20 4-Stroke
Length:1510mm (59.4")
Radio:6 Channel (Rec.)


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Part No: 5500178
Item Name: Seagull Ultimate Biplane ARTF (.90-1.20) 54" Wingspan
Brand: Seagull
With itís racy sunburst colour scheme and fighterish rear decking the Seagull 40 Low Winger is ready for action and longing to be airborne.

A nearly symmetrical, well proportioned wing section gives the budding aerobatic pilot the optimum control whether upright or inverted. The generous fuselage side area provides superb stability with excellent tracking for your first forays into knife edge flight and 4-point rolls Like all Seagull models the aircraft is ready-made with factory-installed pushrods and factory-pinned and glued hinges for ultimate safety.

IC Engine:40 - 53 two stroke
Radio:4 Channel
Wing Area:410 sq. cm


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Part No: 5500196
Item Name: 40 Low Wing Sport
Brand: Seagull
When you've mastered that 'trainer' you'll need to move on, so look no further than the Black Horse Super Air!

Not only is the Super Air an ideal second model, it has enough new challenges in terms of flight performance to suit sports modellers as well.

The Super Air has often been compared to pure 'Aerobatic' models in terms of looks, but then been found to offer the performance to match.

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 (Req.)
Length:1250mm (49")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Servos:5x Standard (Req.)


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Part No: A-BH002A
Item Name: Black Horse Super Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
Classic lines and a forgiving nature combine to give unique appeal to fledgling and weekend fliers alike.

Simple in design but with deceptively easy flight characteristics the Travel Air is an ideal second model after the trainer or just a weekend 'Hack'.

With minimum delay between purchase and flight it's hard to resist one!

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 2-Stroke (Rec.)
Length:1250mm (49")
Radio:4 Channel (Rec.)
Servos:5 (Req.)


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Part No: A-BH003A
Item Name: Black Horse Travel Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
Many believe that your first 'low winger' should have a tricycle undercarriage, so Black Horse listened and came up with the fabulous Speed Air.

The advantage of such an undercarriage is the way it helps teach the way to take off with minimum fuss and maximum success.

It also helps when the flying field surface is bumpy and prone to 'tripping up' tail dragger designs.

Like the Travel Air, the Speed Air has a non-tapered wing for vice free low speed performance and easy control response.

2-Stroke:.40 - .46 (Req.)
Length:1160mm (46")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Wingspan:1500mm (59")


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Part No: A-BH007A
Item Name: Black Horse Speed Air ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
Styled on the latest generation of sleek high performance homebuilt aircraft, the new Black Horse Renegade is sure to turn heads at your club, even when it's not in the air! Beneath the tough film covering is a lightweight airframe constructed from laser cut balsa and ply components. This great value sports model can be made flight ready in the shortest time, and includes factory hinged control surfaces, pre-painted fibreglass cowling, comprehensive hardware pack and illustrated assembly instructions.

2-Stroke:.46 - .55
Radio:4 Ch.
Wingspan:1580mm (62.2")


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Part No: A-BH066
Item Name: Renegade ARTF Black Horse
Brand: Black Horse
See Further Items Recommended for Renegade-ARTF-Black-Horse
The Black Horse MXS is a single-seat aerobatic aircraft that is by MX Aircraft in the USA. Particularly notable is its exceptional, precise handling in flight and the dynamic appearance. The model's outline stays loyal to the MXS's sleek design yest is tailored for optimum flying characteristics. The result is an aerobatic model packed with attractive features with an eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd of extras and yaks.

• ARTF model i

LiPo:6S 4,000 - 5,000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:.60 Class (Rec.)
IC Engine:.75 - .95 2-Stroke (Rec.)


Buy NowSupplier stock. Despatch will take 3-5 days longer than our standard delivery time.
Part No: A-BH167
Item Name: Black Horse MXS ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
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