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Seagull Models never stand still and on-going improvements keep rolling out from the factory. The new EDGE-540 has been touched with some new and improved features including a new wing section, which gives the EDGE a crisper feel on the controls and a new designed, Laser cut airframe that gives even more strength throughout the airframe including the firewall.

To give the EDGE its finishing touches Seagull have given it a dazzling, Pearl-Blue, livery that is just pure pleasure to the eyes!

Servos:6 x High Torque


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Part No: 5500020
Item Name: Seagull Edge 540 V2 (180) Blue
Brand: Seagull
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The YAK 54 is a sport stunt plane which needs no introduction. Seagull, too, need no introdution. Suffice to say this model is an accurate scale build from a well established factory, pre-covered in Oracover and is suitable for your choice of 90-120 2 or 4 stroke.

Please note that additional items such as radio, receiver, servos, batteries and tools will be required to complete the model.

Servos:6 x High Torque


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Part No: 5500024
Item Name: Seagull Yak 54 ARTF(90)
Brand: Seagull
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The Bolero is a high performance funfly aircraft with huge control surfaces for 3D flight. The Bolero was developed by Alan Wood, the pilot behind the J!VE and was made with the aim of providing the next generation of funfly 3D aircraft building on the attributes that have made previous Ripmax funfly aircraft such as the Bossanova so popular.

Designed in CAD, then produced on jigs with laser cut parts and then covered in high quality iron-on film the Bolero oozes quality. All areas of the design and construction have been studied and optimised for performance and durability.

LiPo:5S1P 4500-5000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Ripmax Quantum II 55 (Rec.)
IC Engine:40 - .55 2-Stroke (Rec.)
IC Engine:60 - .90 4-Stroke (Rec.)


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Part No: A-ARTF6720
Item Name: Ripmax Bolero 3D ARTF EP/GP
Brand: Ripmax
See Spares for Ripmax-Bolero-3D-ARTF-EP/GP
The Black Horse MXS is a single-seat aerobatic aircraft that is by MX Aircraft in the USA. Particularly notable is its exceptional, precise handling in flight and the dynamic appearance. The model's outline stays loyal to the MXS's sleek design yest is tailored for optimum flying characteristics. The result is an aerobatic model packed with attractive features with an eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd of extras and yaks.

• ARTF model i

LiPo:6S 4,000 - 5,000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:.60 Class (Rec.)
IC Engine:.75 - .95 2-Stroke (Rec.)


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Part No: A-BH167
Item Name: Black Horse MXS ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
The E-flite Beast 60e ARF biplane embodies everything you'd expect from a design created to deliver stunning feats of aerobatic artistry. The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert, Kevin Kimball, who actually collaborated with 3D champ Quique Somenzini on its design. Its dramatic ability to flip, roll and tumble with formidable precision inspired the 100cc Hangar 9 Beast that's widely recognized as a modern classic. For this inaugural 60-sized iteration, the E-flite development team worked closely with Quique to ensure the impressive performance and feel of a larger aircraft came through.

LiPo:22.2V 6S 4400-5000mAh LiPo (Required)
ESC:80A Brushless (Required)
Length:1,460mm (57.5")
Weight:4 - 4.4kg (8.9 - 9.5lb)


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: EFL9000
Item Name: E-Flite Beast 60e Stunt Bi ARTF
Brand: E-Flite
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For years Russian Sukhois and German Extras dominated the unlimited class world aerobatic championships, then the French came to the fore with the slick CAP-232 and won 11 world championships. Now the Germans have introduced an all new Extra; the two-seater Sbach 342.

The slick, carbon fibre full size Sbach features a one-piece wing and dual wing spars for added strength during extreme aerobatics. Power comes from a 330-hp Lycoming Thunderbolt engine. It has a top speed of 220 knots, rolls at a neck-snapping 380 degrees-per-second, and climbs at 2500 ft.-per-minute.

4-Stroke:.90 - 1.25
Length:1,524mm (60")
Radio:4 Channel (Required)


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: HAN4215
Item Name: Hanger 9 Sbach 342 60 ARTF
Brand: Hangar 9
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Edge-540 V3 67inch (Red) - pil409

• Strong Light Weight Construction
• Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
• Professionally covered in Oracover (Ultracote) from Germany
• Complete hardware included
• Removable wings. one piece stabiliser
• Designed for both 20cc gasoline engine and electric motor
• Designed for standard servo, two for aileron, one for elevator, one for rudder.
• Can use pull pull system or push pull system for rudder.
• Inclueds wing bags and servo extension wires
• Requires 4500mah 6S 22.2V 35C lipo battery
• Requires 100A ESC.
• Requires Pilot-RC CC20/400KV motor or equivalent

• Pre-hinged wings and stabs
• Pre-mounted and painted Canopy
• Pre-installed push rods with Ball link

Carbon Fibre Accessories:
• Carbon Fibre wing tube included
• Carbon Fibre landing gear included
• Carbon Fibre tail wheel included
• Spinner included, with hole to cool the motor

Please note: Instruction manuals are not supplied with Pilot-RC Kits.

LiPo:4500mah 6S 22.2V 35C (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Pilot-RC CC20/400KV (Rec.)
2-Stroke:20CC gasoline (Rec.)
Length:1550mm (61")


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: PIL409
Item Name: Pilot RC Edge-540 V3 67" (Red)
Brand: Pilot RC
Cougar 2000 ARTF - warf01
The Cougar 2000 v2 is an easy build ARTF which is capable of taking pilots from their first day on the field to the show circuits of the world. Intensively developed over a three year period to fully optimise its fun-fly and 3D flying characteristics. The Cougar has such a good slow flying speed it is an ideal trainer aircraft with the rates on, then flick the rates off and the Cougar can take you to the edge of your capabilities. With the plane correctly set up it will sustain prop-hanging manoeuvres "hands off" making this the ideal prop-hanging trainer.

Optionally the Cougar can be electrified with the West electric package which has the same flying capabilities as the I/C version but with no mess or noise and flying times of up to 15 minutes.

Beautifully constructed with an all balsa construction making it incredibly light, with a flying weight of around 1.6kgs depending on motor.

Build Type:ARTF
2-Stroke:.25 - .46
Radio:4 Ch.


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: WARF01
Item Name: Weston UK Cougar 2000 ARTF
Brand: Weston UK
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Mini Hype ARTF - warf02
The Mini Hype was released in 2005 with a great response. With the same wing section as the Cougar it shares the same superb flying characteristics but with the added capabilities of the knife edge and other associated manoeuvres. With its superb colour scheme the Mini Hype is an extremely desirable package guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of any avid 3D pilot. Originally designed for fun fly and 3D it also has stunning freestyle characteristics and with a built up airframe of light ply and balsa it can withstand anything that a pilot throws at it! All the accessories included.

Build Type:ARTF
2-Stroke:.25 - .46
Radio:4 Ch.


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: WARF02
Item Name: Weston UK Mini Hype ARTF
Brand: Weston UK
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Hype 3D inchRinch ARTF - warf05
With its superb all balsa construction the Hype 3D is extremely light (all-up weight is around 2 kgs) and amazingly agile for its size making it ideal for experienced aerobatic pilots. The Hype will perform great hovering aerobatics and combined with the recommended West Eurotech 50T1 makes an unbeatable package. The benefits of electric flight can also be enjoyed with the Hype 3D as we have designed an electric package which performs equally as well as the i/c version.

Build Type:ARTF
2-Stroke:.40 - .53
Radio:4 Ch.


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: WARF05
Item Name: Weston UK Hype 3D "R" ARTF
Brand: Weston UK
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