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Click on the image above to see our contact details, a detailed map, and our in-store opening times.

The Xeno is an elegant, high-quality flying wing, technically refined and offering excellent convenience as well as loads of fun. The model can be assembled in a single evening, and for transport the Xeno can simply be folded together along the centreline, and the fins removed. Rigging the model for launch takes just a few seconds, and the powered version can be converted to pure glider form in just a few moments.

Kit contents:
All components required to build the glider and power variant.

Weight:395 - 460g
Wingspan:1245mm (49")


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Part No: 214241
Item Name: Multiplex Xeno Uni Flying Wing
Brand: Multiplex
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If you're in need of a model for all occasions, they rarely come more versatile than this. Glider towing, parachute and toffee dropping, water flying, and even full-house aerobatics, the FunCub XL does it all, with style and good looks.

A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug, that doubles as a versatile sportster cum sport aerobat, the FunCub XL boasts an incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability and, what's more, with its large, soft, tundra tyres it copes with any terrain, and can be flown just about anywhere.

LiPo:2x 3S 3200mAh Li-Po (Req.)
Electric Motor:FunCub XL Power Set (Req.)
Length:1200mm (47.24")
Material:Elapor Foam
RRP £144.99


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Part No: 25214331
Item Name: Multiplex Funcub XL Kit
Brand: Multiplex

A practical, unlimited, performance, 3D and pattern aerobat with World Championship pedigree and Multiplex unrivalled quality

What do you get if you mix F3P World Champion Gernot Bruckmann with the internationally successful Extra Aircraft Company and the talents of the Mirco Pecorari design studio? Answer: An aerobatic model aircraft that’s been tailor-made for pilots who know what they want, know how to fly, and desire the very best 3D performance that it’s possible to get from a stunning out-and-out pattern and freestyle aerobat.

LiPo:11.1V 3S 2600mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:Permax BL-O 3520-0920 Brushless (Inc.)
Propeller:14 x 7 APC-E (Inc.)


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Part No: 25264274
Item Name: Multiplex Extra RR SC Limited Edition
Brand: Multiplex

A sleek low-wing model with detailed cockpit, clear canopy, stylish decal sheet and strong undercarriage. The TUCAN makes a great trainer or team flyer, and provides any amount of flying fun.
Sound, carefully considered design has produced a machine with a superb performance combined with good-natured handling.

This ELAPOR model offers an outstanding set of new and sophisticated detail features which set entirely new standards in its class.

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR components for fuselage, wing and tail panels, cockpit and spinner.

Radio:5 Channel (Required)


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Part No: 25264284
Item Name: Multiplex Tucan Aeroplane ARTF
Brand: Multiplex

The multi-talented all-rounder, take off wherever you fancy - that's what the FunCub lets you do. Thanks to the large, lightweight EPP wheels and powerful brushless power train you can takeoff and land this model from virtually any airstrip.

Those big wheels, oversized prop and a power system with plenty of "oomph" - are the perfect recipe for big flying fun in at smaller sites. We can even offer a floats set, converting the FunCub into an excellent aircraft for water or snow. It’s simply a great all-rounder.



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Part No: 264243
Item Name: Multiplex FunCub RR
Brand: Multiplex
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Designed by Mirco Pecorari, the California is an oldtimer type aircraft suited to relaxed flying. The parasol wing and low weight make it a perfect choice for beginners.

Primarily for indoor flight, this Donuts model may be flown outdoors in very calm conditions. Its reduced mass makes the California capable of ultra-slow flight.

• Innovative flat-section design
• Water-jet cut and screen printed 3mm Extrupor airframe parts
• Simple assembly

LiPo:2S 150-300mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:2204-2205 (Req.)
Length:580mm (22.8")
Propeller Range:8x4.3" SF (Req.)


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Part No: 401465
Item Name: Donuts Model California
Brand: Donuts Models
Factory covered with Oracover

LiPo:18.5v (Req.)
Electric Motor:JP 4445780 (Req.)
Radio:4 channel (Req.)


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Part No: 5500602
Item Name: Seagull EP Extra 300L 900mm
Brand: Seagull

The Ripmax Easy Street 2 is a stunning sport aerobatic aircraft with the DNA of the classic original Easy Street from the late 90's that inspired this design. With a wingspan of 1120mm the Easy Street 2 is the perfect size for the 3-4S 2100-3000mAh Li-Po batteries that almost every modeller already owns. This practical size enables you to fit the Easy Street 2 into a car fully assembled, but you can remove the wings for easy storage if you want. The sleek design tracks very precisely in flight, with a crisp response from the controls.

LiPo:Hi-Energy 3S - 4S 2100-3000mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor:Quantum II 25 Speed Brushless (Req.)
Length:970mm (38.2")
Propeller Range:10x7" APC E on 3S, 9x7.5" APC E on 4S (Req.)
RRP £119.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-ARTF6730
Item Name: Ripmax Easy Street 2 EP ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
Classic Warbird in the legendary Flying Tigers colour Scheme!

The first of the famous P-40 line of fighters was the 'Tomahawk'. This .75 size model incorporates the classic lines of the original. That aggressive 'chin' is there as is a stunning 'Flying Tigers' colour scheme. Supplied complete with authentic 'twist and turn' retracts for the ultimate scale effect. Once you've lowered them together with the effective 'split' flaps it makes landing this warbird a real pleasure and a highly rewarding experience.

Crafted from laser cut balsa/ply parts and accurately assembled in factory jigs.

IC Engine:.75 Two Stroke / .91 Four Stroke
Length:1420mm (55.91in)
Radio:6 Channels with 8 servos
Weight:3.8Kg (8.36lbs)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-BH056A
Item Name: Black Horse P-40 Tomahawk ARTF
Brand: Black Horse

The Super Decathlon has always been a firm modelling favourite and this version is usefully big enough to act as a glider tug if required. Tugging is a common function of the real airplane so it seems only fitting! Even with a 33cc petrol engine and full R/C complement installed, she still only has a 77g/dm2 wing loading, so keeping to scale speeds is no problem at all for this model. Scale details like those complex wing struts and tail supports are all there for the discerning modeller.

br>• Covered with Oracover
• Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
• Fibreglass cowl

IC Engine:33cc Petrol
Radio:5 Channel (Required)
Servos:6 (Required)
RRP £699.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-BH150
Item Name: Black Horse S.Decathlon 33cc ARTF
Brand: Black Horse
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