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Displacement: 50cc
Bore x Stroke: 43mm x 34mm
Dry Weight: 1660g (3.63 lbs.)
Carburetor: Walbro butterfly type w/pump
Max Output: 4.9ps/7500rpm
Ignition: 4.8v Auto Timing Ignition
Fuel: 93 plus octane premixed 40:1
Propeller: 20 X 10 , 22 x 10 ,22 x 8
Muffler and Electronic Ignition Included!


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Part No: CRRC-GF50I
Item Name: CRRC GF50i 50cc Aero Engine
Brand: CRRC
Two-stroke piston valve petrol aircraft engine.

Displacement(cc): 26.0cc
Bore x Stroke: 34mm X 28.6mm
Carburettor Walbro(Diaphragm & Butterfly Valve)
Max. Output: 3.15ps/9000rpm
RPM Range: 1600-9000rpm
Weight: About 1100g (Without ignition battery)
Ignition power: Auto advanced CDI(4.8V)
Fuel mixture: 25-35 : 1
Propeller: 18X6 18X8 18X10 19X6(2-blade prop)


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: CRRC-GP26R
Item Name: CRRC GP26R 26cc Engine
Brand: CRRC
High performance in a compact package! Producing 400 rpm more than the DLE-30, the DLE-35RA offers gas power convenience and performance in a popular size great for pattern pilots and any fliers eager to give their aerobatic aircraft an extra edge. The rear exhaust design is ideal for tuned pipe setups.

• Advanced CNC machining, tight tolerances and refined porting improve compression and fuel burning efficiency to raise performance and reduce exhaust residue.
• Redesigned, lightened piston skirt provides better throttle response, fuel economy and resistance to wear.

Bore:1.52 in (38.5 mm)
Capacity:34.9 cc (2.13 cu in)
Power Output:4.1 hp @ 8,500 rpm
Practical RPM:1,500-8,500


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: DLE35RA
Item Name: DLE-35RA Two Stroke Petrol Engine
Brand: DLE Engines
Producing 100 rpm more than the DLE-55, the DLE-55RA screams performance - from the lightweight piston skirt that speeds throttle response to the rear exhaust design that permits easy tuned pipe installation. Ideal for warbirds and aerobatic aircraft, it comes with engine standoffs, electronic ignition, spark plug and Pitts style muffler.

DLE Electronic Ignition
Enjoy hassle-free starts with the DLE electronic ignition system - now able to handle voltages from 4.8V to 8.4V, with redesigned circuitry and software for improved idle and throttle transition.

Bore:1.77 in (45 mm)
Capacity:55.6 cc (3.4 cu in)
Compression Ratio:7.6:1
Petrol Oil Mix:30:1


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Part No: DLE55RA
Item Name: DLE DLE-55RA Two Stroke Petrol Engine
Brand: DLE Engines
For giant-scale enthusiasts the DLE-85 is not only an impressive powerhouse, it's also an amazing value as well! Vibration - a real concern for a single cylinder engine this large - is kept in check by the included vibration-dampening engine mount. An extension on the exhaust lessens the chances of having to modify the cowl, and will flex or pop off during a hard landing, helping to protect the engine.

The DLE-85's engine mount combats performance-robbing vibration, and unlike comparable engines, is standard equipment.

Bore:2.047 in (52 mm)
Compression Ratio:9.5:1
Displacement:85 cc (5.18 cu in)
Petrol Oil Mix:30:1


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Part No: DLE85
Item Name: DLE-85 Two-Stroke Petrol Engine
Brand: DLE Engines
If you enjoy flying large and popular 30cc class of planes, the Evolution 33GX is your choice. The 33GX is a true powerhouse, with superior engineering and design that will provide a very high power to weight ratio not found on other 30cc engines. 2S Li-Po ready electronic ignition will provide easy starts and performance for the most demanding pilots. Engine case offers the choice of mounting using engine stand offs or standard beam mounts, making it easy to adapt to current designs and most airframes.

Capacity:1.98 cu. in. (33cc)
Fuel Required:Petrol & Oil
Practical RPM:1,500 - 9,000
Propeller Range:17x8" - 20x8"


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: EVOE33GX
Item Name: Evolution 33cc Petrol Engine w/Electronic Ignition
Brand: Evolution
The GT15 is equivalent in power to an OS 75AX and is designed to fit in place of a .61-.91 engine but give you the efficiency of a petrol engine. The new 61H carburetor design is made specifically for this engine and features an angled needle valve assembly for safer use.

Ignition is provided by a sophisticated unit that is also common to many OS petrol engines. The main HT lead is shielded to prevent spurious emissions and the spark is delivered by a high quality CM-6 spark plug. Not quite a fit and forget system but pretty close!

Bore:27.7mm (1.090")
Displacement:0.91 (14.95 cc)
Power:2.37 hp (2.4 ps) @ 15,000 rpm


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Part No: L-OS38160
Item Name: O.S. GT15 Petrol w/E-4020
Brand: OS
Bringing the OS petrol engine technology into the smaller class of model, the OS GT-22 has all the sophistication that you would expect from OS in terms of quality of manufacturer and innovative design yet manages to combine it all in a compact, powerful package.

Like the GT-33, the GT-22 has a steel liner for durabilty, a lightweight, ringed piston and a one piece crankcase. OS are the masters of optimising internal designs in a way that allows superb performance combined with easy starting, long life.

Displacement:22.12cc (
Practical RPM:1800 - 9000 RPM
Propeller Range:15 x 10, 16 x 8/10, 17 x 6/8
Weight:999.2g (35.24oz) Complete


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Part No: L-OS38200
Item Name: O.S. GT22 Petrol w/E-5040 Silencer
Brand: OS
The second engine in the latest O.S. GT series of petrol engines is designed for the new class of models that are emerging onto the market that are specifically targeted at this size and type of engine. Many of these models are sleek in design, so O.S. has chosen a rear mounted Walbro carburettor with reed valve induction.

The advantage of spark ignition petrol engines over regular glow engines is the optimised ignition timing across the rev range that will not change as load goes on and off.

Like its bigger brother, the GT-55, the GT-33 is a purpose designed model engine and is not based on an industrial unit and just modified.

Power Output:3.9PS @ 9,000rpm
Practical RPM:1,800 - 8,000


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Part No: L-OS38300
Item Name: O.S. GT33 Petrol w/E-5030 Silencer
Brand: OS
The new GT60 is the largest in the range of O.S. Petrol Engines. It features liner-less cylinder integrated with the cylinder head with thoroughly pursued best intake/exhaust timing and high scavenging efficiency. This contributes to better cooling and lighter weight. It employs the reed valve/rear carburetor system which has high performance. A great power source for big scale and aerobatic models.

Bore:44mm (1.732")
Capacity:3,656 (59.91cc)
Power Output:6 hp (6.06 ps) @ 7,000rpm
Practical RPM:1,600 - 8,000


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: L-OS38608
Item Name: O.S. GT60 Petrol
Brand: OS
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