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Its sleek, aluminum design, easy-to-read backlit graphic display and four micro-processor controlled charging ports with Lithium cell-balancing circuits, make the H4 ideal all electric airplane and helicopter pilots as well as demanding racers and backyard bashers. Each 120-watt port is capable of delivering up to 8 amps of charging power. The independent charging channels can also be paired to provide two independent 240-watt charge ports, or two120-watt ports with a single 240-watt charge port.

Cell Count:LiPo,LiFe LiIon:1-6 Cells MAX NiCd/NiMh:1-15 Cell
Dimensions:8.1 x 6.4 x 2.0
Input Voltage:DC 12 - 18 Volts DC
Weight:3.2 lbs


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Part No: 2229555
Item Name: H4 Plus Smart Balance Charger 600W
Brand: HiTec
An upgrade of our best-selling charger, the RC6-VSP, this new release holds all of the same features that make the VSP one of our customers' all-time favourite products, but also has the added advantage of having an internal resistance checker feature.

The RC6-VSR has charging, discharging, balancing, storage and fast charge facilities, making this 80W, 7A output AC/DC charger one of our most efficient chargers in our collection.

• High-power and high-performance (max output - 80W, max charge - 7A, max discharge - 1A)
• Microprocessor controlled
• An internal Lithium battery balancing function
• Individual cell monitoring
• Cyclic charging/discharging for NiMH and NiCd packs
• Delta-peak sensitivity
• An internal resistance checker
• Maximum safety (capacity limit, charge time limit, temperature limit, input current check, and an automatic cooling fan)

Included with this charger
• Universal receiver/transmitter charge lead
• JST BEC charge lead
• Glow plug driver charge adapter
• Deans plug charge lead
• Universal crocodile connectors

Please note that this set does not contain an external battery temperature sensor.

Battery PB:2-20V
Input Voltage:AC 100-240V or DC 11-18V


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Part No: 3129
Item Name: Overlander RC6-VSR 80 Watt 7A AC/DC Charger
Brand: Overlander
Universal 12 Volt automatic fast charger with integral EQUALIZER. Ultra-simple to operate, the MULTIcharger LN-3008 EQU charges LiPo, LiIo and LiFe batteries consisting of 2S or 3S cells, as well as NiXX batteries of 4 to 8 cells. The integral EQUALIZER balances individual cell voltages of Lithium packs during the charge process itself. LiBATT batteries are connected directly to the EQUALIZER port. Our range also includes matching adaptor sets for batteries fitted with other Balancer connector systems.

LiPo:2 - 3
NiCad/Ni-MH:4 - 8
Current:0.1 - 3A


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Part No: 92540
Item Name: Multiplex MultiCharger LN-3008 MPX
Brand: Multiplex
See Further Items Recommended for MultiCharger-LN-3008-MPX
The Prophet Sport Duo charger is perfect for anyone that wants to spend less time charging and more time enjoying their hobby, especially for anyone with multiple RC vehicles or models that require dual batteries, the Prophet Duo Sport gets you back doing what you enjoy most. AC powered and featuring a wide range of selectable charge currents to fit your batteries needs, the Prophet Sport Duo is capable of charging surface, air and marine R/C 1-6S Li-Po batteries as well as 4-8C Ni-MH batteries.

Balance Connector:XH Balance
LiPo:2x 1-6S
LiPo:2x 4-8 Cells
Charge Current:0.1 - 6.0A


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: DYNC2020AUK
Item Name: Dynamite Prophet Sport LiPo Duo 50W
Brand: Dynamite


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Part No: EFLC1000
Item Name: 1-Cell 3.7v 0.3A DC Li-Po Charger
Brand: E-Flite
3-Cell LiPo Balancing Charger, 0.8A


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: EFLC3105
Item Name: E-Flite Blade CP Pro2 3-Cell Bal/Chg 0.8A
Brand: E-Flite
This small 2S balance charger from eflite is designed to be use with a 12V car type socket and charges at 1.5 amps.

Input Voltage:12V DC
Output:2S Li-Po @ 1.5A


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: EFLC3125
Item Name: E-Flite 2S DC Li-Po Balance Charger
Brand: E-Flite
500mA x2 micro dual LiPo charger from Etonix.


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: ET0216
Item Name: Etronix Micro 1S Dual Charger 500mA
Brand: Etronix
Designed with the serious indoor flying enthusiast in mind, the HEX is capable of charging six 1S Li-Po packs at the same time and fully independantly. Four sockets have a 300mA charge rate and two a 600mA charge rate. The sockets accept both the small E-Flite and Nine Eagles packs as standard and by use of the included adaptor leads, will also charge most others from these makes.

Input power can be from 7.5 - 18v DC making it compatible with a wide range of batteries, power supplies and the latest generation of DC output Sigma chargers.

Input Voltage:7.5v - 18v DC
Sockets:6 Sockets (2x 600mAh


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: O-IP3015
Item Name: Pro-Peak Hex 6 x 1S Li-Po DC Charger
Brand: ProPeak
A compact, fixed 2A balance charger for 2 or 3 cell Li-Po packs. Works from a 10-18v DC power source and has a durable, anodised, aluminium case to absorb those knocks!

Balancing current is 200mA and precision is 10mV. The balance ports are XH type.

LiPo:2 - 3S


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Part No: O-IP3070
Item Name: ProPeak Pro-Peak Mini Mize DC Charger
Brand: ProPeak
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