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SafetyMaster on board power analyser
This fantastic unit is designed to help you monitor power to your onboard R/C system. Batteries and BEC circuits are two of the critical areas inside your model and when things go wrong these two are often found to be implicated. Thanks to SafetyMaster you can see how safe your system actually is by measuring the current draw of your servos/receiver and by monitoring the performance of your battery or BEC under load.

Graph Screen
The SafetyMaster draws a graph of current over time elapsed since turned on and shows total time elapsed plus battery capacity used.


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Part No: 4460470
Item Name: J Perkins Safety Master On-Brd Svo Pwr Analyr
Brand: J Perkins
This measuring device is the ideal “assistant“ for any electric flight enthusiast, helping to optimise the combination of propeller, motor and battery. The MX 8120 also provides valuable information for battery maintenance. The screen constantly displays the actual values for voltage [V], current [A] and power [W]. The unit also calculates and displays the charge quantity [mAh] “moved“ (i.e. charged-in or discharged). A separate battery is not required, as the MX 8120 draws the energy it needs to operate from the energy source connected to it.

Current:0.01 - 70A
Voltage:3.3 - 50v


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: 92549
Item Name: Multiplex Watt Meter MX8120
Brand: Multiplex
• Identifies the performance of each cell in a Lipo pack by reading the Voltage draw
• Checks and displays the voltage of the overall pack, then each cell individually up to 6S
• Digital display
• Test voltage range: 6V ~ 26V
• Large LED display
• Accuracy up to 0.02V

Needed To Complete
• Adaptor required for use with Thunder Power or Losi batteries. See Optional Accessories for more info.


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Part No: EFLA111
Item Name: E-flite Li-Po Cell Voltage Checker
Brand: E-Flite
Quick to use and small to store, this simple LED display unit can measure the individual and single cell voltage of any Lithium technology pack up to 6S. The unit cycles across the individual voltages and then the total voltage in turn.

The small size and low weight means that you can mount it in the model or use as a hand held unit.

The unit pins are spaced at 2.5mm for XH plugs and an adaptor lead is included for 2.0mm spaced pins like EH and TP.

LiPo:1-6 Cells


This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: O-IPLBM
Item Name: ProPeak Pro-Peak Batt. Monitor Li-Po/Li-Fe
Brand: ProPeak
At last, a heavy duty watt meter that can monitor the power consumption of your motor/load source and `freeze' record the peaks for later checking. The Watt Meter can be used to measure battery performance, motor performance, charger performance, speed controller (ESC) performance or even the current demanded by a receiver/servo combination. An important feature to decide if a BEC has enough power. The moulded plastic case has an easy-grip finish and the unit is both compact and durable. The blue illuminated, LCD display is clear and logically laid out for easy understanding.


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: O-IPWM
Item Name: ProPeak Pro-Peak Watt Meter
Brand: ProPeak
See Further Items Recommended for Pro-Peak-Watt-Meter
The new Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker is a sophisticated unit that can be used to check a wide range of battery packs of varying voltages, with Li-Po, Li-Fe and Li-Ion packs of 2-7 cells, and Ni-MH and Ni-Cd packs of 4-7 cells all being suitable for checking with the BR-3000. Important information such as total pack voltage and remaining capacity are available for all packs, whilst those using Lithium technology can also be checked for individual cell voltage, minimum and maximum cell voltage and cell voltage differences, as well as being able to take advantage of the included balance function.

NiCad/Ni-MH:4-7 Cell
Dimensions:85 x 63 x 15mm
RRP £34.99


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Part No: P-BR-3000
Item Name: Futaba Batt Checker/Balancer Univ
Brand: Futaba
The ACE RC Power Monitor is an advanced device which monitors and indicates the amount of charge left in the LiPO and NiMH batteries real-time in the air. With large size and numerical display, you don’t need to check and measure cell voltages by stopping your machine. The ACE RC Power Monitor provides a reverse polarity protection and a switch which selects direction of display by 180°. Read easily, fly safely with ACE RC Power Monitor.

Visible Distance: Approx. 10 meters /

Dimensions:42.5 x 39 x 16.5mm


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Part No: TT8086
Item Name: Thunder Tiger Power Monitor
Brand: Thunder Tiger
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