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Click here to see our contact details, a detailed map, and our in-store opening times.
Click on the image above to see our contact details, a detailed map, and our in-store opening times.
Great Planes’ original concept for the FlyLite was to develop a slow-flying indoor trainer for beginners or pilots with little R/C experience. This goal was achieved... but then they found out how much fun it was to fly the FlyLite outdoors too! In calm conditions, beginners have all the space they need to detect what the FlyLite is doing, process the information, then make the necessary control inputs. Experienced pilots will find ways to challenge themselves and experiment with this surprisingly agile model.

LiPo:7.4V 300mAh LiPo (Req.)
Electric Motor:Rimfire 250 28-13-1750kV (Req.)
Length:29.5" (750mm)
Material:AeroCell foam

RRP £64.99


Part No: A-GPMA1107
Item Name: Great Planes FlyLite EP ARTF
Brand: Great Planes
Combat-tough and easy to assemble, this 56" span P-51 combines smooth sport flight habits with looks that evoke edge-of-your-seat warbird excitement. Its two-piece, balsa-sheeted foam wing has been covered in MonoKote film, while the detailed cockpit includes an instrument panel, headrest and "ace" pilot figure. Performance is first-rate, too - whether you install glow or electric power!

Great Planes packs plenty of warbird realism into "sport scale". Check out the semi-scale trim scheme, created with Top Flite MonoKote film - and the detailed cockpit with instrument panel, headrest and installed pilot figure!

The horizontal and vertical stabilizers are factory-hinged and bolt to the fuselage, aligning automatically.

2-Stroke:.40 - .55 2-Stroke
4-Stroke:.70 4-Stroke
Length:1270mm (50")
Radio:5 Channel (Req.)

RRP £199.99


Part No: A-GPMA1205
Item Name: Great Planes P-51 Mustang .46-70 ARTF
Brand: Great Planes

The Sequence is the first-ever pattern ship in the ElectriFly line - and it's like no other pattern ship you've ever seen before. The airframe is exceptionally strong and ultra-light, to make the most efficient use of a brushless motor and Li-Po power. Its performance benefits from features drawn from today's most competitive custom ships. In looks and performance, it's the equal of much larger pattern competitors at home or abroad, as well as a clear winner in modern assembly ease.

* Engineered for crisp response, smooth handling and straight-as-a-string tracking
* No expense has been spared in engineering a spirited performer that even the most discriminating pilot will appreciate
* Designed with a prebuilt motor box, self-aligning wheel pants and more!

The Sequence's design features and brilliant 6-colour MonoKote trim scheme show an international flair, but the construction and assembly ease are all ElectriFly XLC.

Electric Motor:500-700W
Servos:4 Micro MG
Weight:1590–1700g (3.5–3.75 lb)
Wingspan:1270mm (50")
RRP £257.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-GPMA1575
Item Name: Great Planes Sequence EP ARTF
Brand: Great Planes
See Further Items Recommended for Great-Planes-Sequence-EP-ARTF
There are a lot of jets and a lot of micros, but there's only one F-86 Sabre — and it's only from Great Planes. It's the first micro that offers true EDF jet performance and authentic jet looks in equal measure — and it's available as a Tx-R. It measures only 15” from wing tip to wing tip, but offers the scale looks of a plane twice the size and the performance that jet pilots want. A factory-installed brushless motor and a HyperFlow ducted fan unit provide the power and thrust for full-throttle passes just off the deck and outstanding sport performance.

• Fully assembled, carefully scaled and factory finished.
• Equipped for true jet performance with a ducted fan, brushless motor and ESC.
• Onboard gear includes three digital servos, as well as a 4-channel SLT receiver.

The F-86 Sabre arrives fully assembled and ready for flight.

LiPo:2S 7.4v 200mAh (Inc.)
Electric Motor:11,500kv Brushless (Inc.)
EDF Fan Diameter:30mm HyperFlow (Inc.)
Length:366mm (14.4")

RRP £179.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-GPMA1771
Item Name: Great Planes F-86 Sabre EDF Tx-R
Brand: Great Planes
See Further Items Recommended for Great-Planes-F-86-Sabre-EDF-Tx-R
Praised by pilots for its versatility, the F-16 Fighting Falcon has been the preferred fighter for over 25 countries since the late 1970s. ElectriFly recreates the F-16's innovative design in a ducted fan ARF that combines scale looks with impressive top-end speeds!

• Includes a HyperFlow ducted fan unit and high-performance Ammo brushless motor.
• The fiberglass fuselage is factory-painted, while the built-up wings and stabilizer are factory-covered in MonoKote film.
• Aileron, elevator and rudder controls result in outstanding authority for precision landings and high-speed maneuvers.

LiPo:4S 2100-2500mAh (Req.)
EDF Unit:HyperFlow (Inc.)
Electric Motor:Ammo 24-45-3790 (Inc.)
Length: 34.5 in (875 mm)

RRP £249.99


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: A-GPMA1801
Item Name: Great Planes F-16 Fighting Falcon ARTF EDF
Brand: Great Planes
There was an error in this week's newsletter. This is a kit model and NOT ARTF

Put your sailplane experience to use on a model that time has proven to be a winner! The unlimited class, 118" span Bird of Time pairs refined looks with superior performance-for example, its thin wing and light wing loading (5.52 oz/ft²) provide a super-low sink rate, as well as near-legendary lift/drag rate. Its engineered as gracefully as it performs: the slender balsa/ply fuselage tapers toward a full-flying stabilizer, while the 2-piece wing features a large, 1/4" wing rod and fully-sheeted "D" tube.

Build Type:Kit
Length:1,245mm (49")
Radio:2-3 channel (Req.)
Servos:2 (Req.)


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: GPMA0570
Item Name: GP Bird of Time Glider Kit
Brand: Great Planes


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: GPMA0960
Item Name: Gentle Lady Glider Kit
Brand: Great Planes
The Revolver's contemporary styling makes it a real standout on the flight line. Once it's airborne, it really takes center stage — and that's regardless of whether it's equipped with a glow engine or brushless motor! Get ready to fire off one crowd-pleasing maneuver after another with the Revolver — it's the "sports car" of sport aerobats!

Only about 10 hours of final assembly are required before your Revolver is flight-ready.

The fiberglass cowl, wheel pants, and landing gear are painted in high gloss colors to match the trim scheme.

2-Stroke:.46 - .55 (Rec.)
4-Stroke:.70 (Rec.)
Radio:4+ Channel (Req.)


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: GPMA1018
Item Name: Great Planes Revolver 46-70 Sport Aero ARF
Brand: Great Planes
The F-1 Rocket EVO is modeled after a full-size "kit" plane inspired by the popular series of homebuilt RV aircraft. The model offers predictable flying characteristics and the ability to perform all popular sport aerobatics with ease. The recommended glow or electric power systems are both affordable and capable, and a colorful MonoKote trim scheme is pre-applied to this all-wood model.

•Quick and easy assembly
•Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, plus installed pilot figure

RRP £137.99


This item is currently out of stock.
Email me when availabe!
Part No: GPMA1030
Item Name: F1 Rocket Evo EP/GP Sport Scale
Brand: Great Planes
You can fly this R/C version of the legendary ‘30s military/sea rescue seaplane after only ten hours of easy assembly. The fiberglass fuselage is finished; the built-up wood wings and tail are covered; and the molded ABS wingtip floats are ready to attach. Add two outrunner brushless motors, two ESCs and a LiPo pack, and you have the power-to-weight edge you need for long flight times and basic aerobatics. The fuselage features a rubber plug for easy drainage — and the hardware package includes two each of props, adapters, machined aluminum prop hubs and spare bubble observation canopies.

Airfoil:Flat bottom
Dimensions:(Wing Joine) 0.31 x 11.4" (8 x 291mm)
Length:34.25" (870mm)
Weight:3 - 3.25lb (1360 - 1470g)


Buy NowIn stock for immediate despatch.
Part No: GPMA1154
Item Name: Greta Planes PBY Catalina Seaplane EP ARTF
Brand: Great Planes
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