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The Bolero is a high performance funfly aircraft with huge control surfaces for 3D flight. The Bolero was developed by Alan Wood, the pilot behind the J!VE and was made with the aim of providing the next generation of funfly 3D aircraft building on the attributes that have made previous Ripmax funfly aircraft such as the Bossanova so popular.

Designed in CAD, then produced on jigs with laser cut parts and then covered in high quality iron-on film the Bolero oozes quality. All areas of the design and construction have been studied and optimised for performance and durability.

LiPo:5S1P 4500-5000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Ripmax Quantum II 55 (Rec.)
IC Engine:40 - .55 2-Stroke (Rec.)
IC Engine:60 - .90 4-Stroke (Rec.)


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Part No: A-ARTF6720
Item Name: Ripmax Bolero 3D ARTF EP/GP
Brand: Ripmax
See Spares for Ripmax-Bolero-3D-ARTF-EP/GP

The Ripmax Easy Street 2 is a stunning sport aerobatic aircraft with the DNA of the classic original Easy Street from the late 90's that inspired this design. With a wingspan of 1120mm the Easy Street 2 is the perfect size for the 3-4S 2100-3000mAh Li-Po batteries that almost every modeller already owns. This practical size enables you to fit the Easy Street 2 into a car fully assembled, but you can remove the wings for easy storage if you want. The sleek design tracks very precisely in flight, with a crisp response from the controls.

LiPo:Hi-Energy 3S - 4S 2100-3000mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor:Quantum II 25 Speed Brushless (Req.)
Length:970mm (38.2")
Propeller Range:10x7" APC E on 3S, 9x7.5" APC E on 4S (Req.)


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Part No: A-ARTF6730
Item Name: Ripmax Easy Street 2 EP ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
The popular Chris Foss Wot Trainer has been updated to suit both Electric and I/C power. The addition of a cowling makes for a clean look and improved aerodynamics while still providing ample cooling.

As with the previous version of the Wot Trainer, it requires no glue for assembly and features a choice of tail dragger or trike undercarriage. The tapered wing provides exceptional stability, perfect for the novice pilot, but with maximum control movements and increased power, it is capable of more aerobatics than you would normally expect from this type of model.

LiPo:Hi-Energy 4S 4500mAh (Recommended)
Electric Motor:Quantum II 40 (Recommended)
2-Stroke:.40 - .46 2-Stroke (Required)
Length:1280mm (50")


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Part No: A-CF001A
Item Name: Ripmax WOT Trainer EP/GP ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
See Spares for WOT-Trainer-EP/GP-ARTF
The ever popular WOT 4 ARTF has been given a makeover for 2016, the primary aim being to make it suitable for either I/C or electric power. Its strong, lightweight balsa and ply structure is supplied expertly factory built and finished in heatshrink film, so the WOT 4 Mk2 ARTF is flight ready in minimum time. The model comes complete with durable aluminium undercarriage, pre-painted fibreglass cowl and comprehensive accessory pack including wheels, linkages and more!

A large hatch with a spring loaded locking pin has been installed in front of the wing to allow access for flight battery changes.

LiPo:4S1P 14.8v 4500mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:QuantumII 40 Brushless (Rec.)
IC Engine:.40 - .53 2-Stroke (Rec.)
Length:1185mm (46.5")


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Part No: A-CF002/A
Item Name: WOT4 Mk2 EP/GP ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
The Wot4 is established as a versatile and capable sports model but there is a limit to what it is capable of without sacrificing durability and versatility. So to get the most from the Wot4 Airframe we have made this new 'Pro' version for pilots who want an uncompromised version of this classic.

The ailerons, rudder and elevators have been increased in size for increased control authority. We have analysed the structure and removed weight wherever we can, this includes a built-up fin and tailplane, lightened wing, lightened fuselage and even lightening holes in the undercarriage.

IC Engine:Irvine .39 FunFly Edition (Included)
Length:1185mm (46.5")
Radio:4 - 5 Channel (Required)
Servos:Quartz 5 x QZ302 (Recommended)


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Part No: A-CF002PRO
Item Name: Chris Foss WOT4 Pro ARTF with Irvine .39 Engine
Brand: Ripmax
The overwhelming demand for the original Wot-4E made it easy choice for us to re-produce, working closely with Chris Foss this model with a revised lightweight structure and a bright new colour scheme. The Wot4-E is a 80% scale version of the classic Wot4 ARTF making it the perfect size to fit 3S 2100-2500mAh Li-Po batteries.

The WOT 4-E is a brilliant all around model and is ideal for small field use - or where there are noise restrictions - yet is large enough to hold its own at the busiest flying sites.

LiPo:3S1P 11.1V 2200mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:Quantum II 36 Brushless (Rec.)
Length:1055mm (41.5")
Radio:4-5 Channel (Req.)


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Part No: A-CF003A
Item Name: Ripmax WOT4E Mk2 ARTF (3 Blues Scheme)
Brand: Ripmax
The new Wots Wot biplane is the latest model in the growing range of Chris Foss designed ARTF aircraft, and has (by general agreement) the best flying characteristics of them all! With its sleek aerodynamic design and relatively large wing area the Wots Wot has incredible low speed handling, being able to fly at amazingly slow flying speeds, yet open the throttle and the aerobatic performance and precision is truly outstanding! Suitable for I/C use with .70 to .81 four stroke engines or electric power with suitable motor and 5 cell battery pack, the Wots Wot is compact enough to fit into most cars in one piece, even hatchbacks, however the model has been optimised for rapid assembly/disassembly, requiring only 6 screws tightening and 2 clevises connected.

LiPo:5S 3200-5000mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor:5055 700Kv (Rec.)
4-Stroke:.70-.81 4-Stroke (Rec.)
Length:1,150mm (45")


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Part No: A-CF007
Item Name: Ripmax WOTs WOT IC/EP ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
See Spares for WOTs-WOT-ARTF
The Acro Wot has been an amazingly popular model for many years now and the only improvement we could make was to make it larger – well here it is, combining the superb aerobatic abilities of the original model with the increased docility brought with the larger wing area and weight, this being particularly noticeable in the windy weather we seem to get so regularly. Primarily developed for petrol engines of 25 - 35cc, the Acro Wot XL can also be powered by suitable larger glow engines if preferred.

The light yet strong built-up structure is assembled from CNC cut balsa and ply components, the airframe then being covered in heat shrink film in this attractive colour scheme, the tough fibreglass cowling being carefully painted to match.

Length:1620mm (63.8")
Petrol Engine:25 - 35cc 2-Stroke (Req.)
Radio:4 - 6 Channel (Req.)
Servos:5 - 6 Servos (Req.)


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Part No: A-CF008
Item Name: Ripmax Acro Wot XL ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
The saying 'Good things come in small packages' perfectly describes the Mini Wot4 ARTF. The Wot4 design is well established as one of the worlds favourite RC aircraft and this 670mm wingspan parkflier format it lives up to the reputation of the Chris Foss name. This lightweight parkflier is perfect for parks or small fields.

The Mini Wot4 is a beautifully wooden ARTF with an electronics package ready for you to start assembly. The electronics package includes a brushless motor, a brushless ESC and four micro servos.

LiPo:2S1P 7.4V 650-800mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor:1510 Brushless (Inc.)
Length:570mm (22.4")
Propeller:5.5 x 4.5" (Inc.)


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Part No: A-CF010
Item Name: Chris Foss Mini Wot 4 ARTF-Rx Ready
Brand: Ripmax
Chris Foss' ever popular Wot4 Foam-E Mk2 has been updated into the MK2+. The previous Wot4 Foam-E gained a reputation as one of the best sports models available and the Mk2+ builds on that with numerous new features.

The model comes supplied pre-installed with a powerful brushless outrunner motor, matching 40A brushless electronic speed controller and 4 x 9g micro servos. All you need to add is your preferred receiver/transmitter combo and a 3S 2100mAh Li-Po of your choice.

Like the previous version, the Mk2+ only requires minor assembly to get airborne.

LiPo:3S 2200mAh 30C (Req.)
Electric Motor:Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)
ESC:40A Brushless (Inc.)
Length:1050mm (41.33“)


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Part No: A-CF020A
Item Name: WOT 4 Foam-E Mk2+ ARTF
Brand: Ripmax
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