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The Seagull iSport is a low-wing plane designed with the sport flier in mind. As the next-step after a trainer, the iSport is a true sport aerobatic flyer, able to do a variety of smooth aerobatics for pilots of any skill-level. It's flight characteristics will satisfy both the veteran and intermediate RC pilot. Constructed from light weight balsa and plywood. Functional flaps add a level of capability that complements its grace and flight performance.

Flying the iSport is simply a joy.

Length:51.9in (131.7cm)
Radio:5 Channel with 7 servos
Stroke:Suits - 61 2-stroke (10-15cc Petrol) or Electric
Weight:flying weight - 7.1 - 7.9lbs (3.2 - 3.6kg)


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Part No: 5500152
Item Name: Isport 10-15cc (SEA-210)
Brand: J Perkins


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Part No: CRRC-GF50I
Item Name: 50cc Engine


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Part No: CRRC-GP26R
Item Name: Gp26R 26cc Engine
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High performance in a compact package! Producing 400 rpm more than the DLE-30, the DLE-35RA offers gas power convenience and performance in a popular size — great for pattern pilots and any fliers eager to give their aerobatic aircraft an extra edge. The rear exhaust design is ideal for tuned pipe setups.

• Advanced CNC machining, tight tolerances and refined porting improve compression and fuel burning efficiency to raise performance and reduce exhaust residue.
• Redesigned, lightened piston skirt provides better throttle response, fuel economy and resistance to wear.

Bore:1.52 in (38.5 mm)
Capacity:34.9 cc (2.13 cu in)
Power Output:4.1 hp @ 8,500 rpm
Practical RPM:1,500-8,500


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Part No: DLE35RA
Item Name: DLE-35RA Two Stroke Petrol Engine
Brand: DLE Engines
Deliver the fuel efficiency and gas engine ease-of-operation to your .46–.61-size airplane flying experience with the improved Evolution 10GX engine. Based on the 10cc engine that launched the small-block gas engine revolution, the new 10GX features a new pumped carburetor that makes needle valve adjustment easier and allows fuel flow to be consistent regardless of fuel tank location. The 10GX is a great choice for converting your favorite airplanes to efficient gas power. But what sets the 10GX apart from its nitro-fueled counterparts is its phenomenal fuel efficiency.


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Part No: EVOE10GX2
Item Name: Evolution 10GX 10cc Petrol Engine with Pump Carb
Brand: Evolution
Gas pilots looking to power their 1.20 or 1.80 sport or scale airplane will find the Evolution® 26GX to be the engine of choice. Its attractive, low-profile head design lets the 26GX squeeze into smaller cowls. Plus, the advanced ignition system allows for 2-cell Li-Po packs. It also features an updated carburetor with a spring-loaded choke design for easier operation. This purpose-built engine brings the clean and economical operation of gas to any 1.20- or 1.80-size sport or scale airplane. The Evolution 26GX is part of the outstanding Evolution line of gasoline powerplants.

Bore:33.0mm (1.30 in)
Carburetor:Walbro EVO30943224
Crankshaft Thread:M10 x 1 mm
Dimensions:(Mounting) 146 x 70 x 99mm


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Part No: EVOE26GX
Item Name: 26cc Petrol Evo Engine
Brand: Evolution
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If you enjoy flying large and popular 30cc class of planes, the Evolution® 33GX is your choice. The 33GX is a true powerhouse, with superior engineering and design that will provide a very high power to weight ratio not found on other 30cc engines. 2S Li-Po ready electronic ignition will provide easy starts and performance for the most demanding pilots. Engine case offers the choice of mounting using engine stand offs or standard beam mounts, making it easy to adapt to current designs and most airframes.

Capacity:1.98 cu. in. (33cc)
Fuel Required:Petrol & Oil
Practical RPM:1,500 - 9,000
Propeller Range:17x8" - 20x8"


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Part No: EVOE33GX
Item Name: Evolution 33cc Petrol Engine w/Electronic Ignition
Brand: Evolution
The MkII version of the popular Irvine 150 shares the same design criteria as its predecessor by offering solid performance in a compact package, but takes the concept a step further by optimising the crankcase gas passages to ensure maximum power, yet retain a high gas flow for improved throttle response.

The ringed piston and iron liner combination provides easy starting, quick running in and longevity. The piston even has bronze wrist pin bushes, such is the attantion to detail.That CNC machined cylinder head is not just a nice piece of engineering, the type of aluminium used is also more effeicient at dissipating heat than a casting.

As the mounting dimensions are fully compatible with the industry standard OS 160FX, you can be sure that the Irvine 150 will also fit most ARTF models that call for this size of engine.



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Part No: L-IRV3502
Item Name: Irvine 150 R/C Mk II
Brand: Irvine
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Designed specifically for light weight and high power output from a compact crankcase, the Max 35AX is an ideal engine for 'Fun Fly' and 3D flying.The new crankcase follows the theme of all the new AX range and the 35AX will fit exactly where the old 32SX did without modification.The new E-3080 muffler is highly effective and features a sealing O-ring between the two main sections. As you would expect, the silencer outlet can be rotated to and desired position. With only 10g more than the old Max 32SX, the 35AX has very little weight penalty for it's substantial power increase.

Bore:20.2mm (0.795") (5.77cc)
Power Output:0.9PS @ 11,000rpm
Practical RPM:2,500 - 13,000


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Part No: L-OS13100
Item Name: OS Max 35AX With E3080
Brand: OS
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Designed to succeed the original 46AX, the new 46AX MkII retains the same mounting dimensions, but O.S. have updated the styling to bring it into line with the current range of AX engines. That means the introduction of the highly efficient and unique cooling fins to keep temperatures under control while the precision carburettor, with its angled needle valve keeping fingers safely away from the propeller disc, offers the linear response across the entire rpm range that you would expect from O.S.

Bore:22.0mm (0.866")
Displacement:7.5cc (
Power Output:1.63hp @ 16,000 rpm
Practical RPM:2 - 17,000


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Part No: L-OS15490
Item Name: OS O.S. MAX 46AXII w/E-3071 Silencer
Brand: OS
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