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Venture... Into the Outdoors
The Venture FJ Cruiser is the ultimate adventure-ready scale RC trail truck. Developed from the ground up to be the most advanced and driver-friendly scaler truck available, the HPI Venture is ready for trail driving across mountains, streams and more. It's the perfect trail companion for anyone from weekend ramblers to globe-trotting adventure heroes!

Official Replica of the Toyota FJ Cruiser
The Toyota FJ Cruiser body included with the Venture RTR kit is completely outfitted with a range of fabulous scale items that would be extras on many other scaler trucks. In addition to the officially licensed replica FJ Cruiser body on its own, you'll find a pair of side mirrors, a functional roof rack ready for a range of scale accessories, a working swing-away spare tire mount on the back bumper, working D-ring shackles on the front and rear bumpers, tubular brush guard and mounts for LED lights on the front bumper, and adjustable-width rock rails that help the truck glide over tough obstacles.

Rock Rail Sliders Robust side bars, known as rock sliders or rock rails, allow the Venture to slide over obstacles that are just a bit too tall for it to completely clear. Stretching from the front to rear wheel openings, they serve to aid off-road performance as well as protect the body from scratches by ground obstacles like rocks and boulders. Although they are the perfect fit for the replica Toyota FJ Cruiser body, they can be adjusted in width to fit other scaler bodies.

Rockthorn Off-Road Tires on CR-10 Wheels
Venture FJ Cruiser features all-new Rockthorn tires with thick, self-cleaning tread blocks for driving on hard-packed dirt, gravel, wet or dry rocks, loose dirt, mud and more. The Rockthorn tires have additional sidewall tread to help get the truck over extra-difficult obstacles like slippery rocks and tree roots. The tires are mounted on great-looking CR-10 1.9" beadlock-style multispoke wheels, which themselves feature center hub caps that hide the wheel nuts for maximum scale realism.

BTA (Behind The Axle) steering
The Venture FJ Cruiser features Behind The Axle (BTA) steering linkage out of the box, so you don't have to do any complicated modifications to get maximum performance on the trail. A tough steel rod connects the two metal-reinforced steering knuckles together behind the front axle. With all of the steering linkage kept out of the way of potential obstacles such as rocks and roots, the truck has a much better approach angle than with standard crawler kit steering designs

Maximized Clearance Angles
The Venture chassis is loaded with potential, making it extremely versatile on the trail and up tough climbing routes. Its capability lies in several factors, including off-road friendly clearance angles from the tire contact points to the bumpers and chassis, as well as good ground clearance thanks to its minimal diff case size.

Adjustable Wheelbase
The Venture chassis lets you change the wheelbase from 290mm to 315mm (11.4 to 12.2 inches) by modifying the length of the linkage, which can change the look and driving of the truck. If you fit a different body to customize your Venture, adjusting the wheelbase lets the tires fit in the wheel openings, which helps the truck look perfectly scale.

SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition ESC
The Venture FJ is equipped with a highly versatile and fully waterproof HPI SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition electronic speed controller, which is packed with a full range of adjustments and capabilities. In addition to being able to take power from the included 2000mAh NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) rechargeable battery pack, you can swap the battery for a 2S or 3S LiPo (lithium-polymer) battery for extra power and runtime. The Venture on 3S is a beast on the trail! The SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition also features our HDC Hill Descent Control adjustable electronic drag brake system to make driving down steep declines more controllable at all angles - just like modern luxury off-roaders!

High Torque SS-20WR Steering Servo
The water-resistant HPI SS-20WR steering servo is the ideal companion for the Venture electronics package. This is a high torque servo with up to 6.5kg-cm/90 oz-in holding power at 6V, plus it's water-resistant so it can easily handle splashes and water drops when driving through puddles, snow and mud. Mounted directly to the chassis next to motor, it provides extra weight over the front axle to enhance the front weight bias of the Venture. Operating Voltage: 4.8-6V 4.8V: Speed: 0.14 sec/60 degrees, Torque: 4.2kg-cm/58 oz-in 6V: Speed: 0.11 sec/60 degrees, Torque: 6.5kg-cm/90 oz-in Servo Spline: 25T

TF-41 2.4GHz Radio System with Waterproof Receiver
The popular steering wheel & pistol grip HPI TF-41 radio system controls the Venture on its travels, giving you total control of the steering and throttle/brake. The carry handle makes it convenient to take on your trail walks, and the shape of the controller lets you set it on the ground for easy picking it up by the grip. The folding antenna allows it to take up the minimum amount of space in your backpack on the way to the trail. The RF-41WP receiver is fully waterproof, so you don't have to think about what you're driving through. For extra protection, the receiver is encased in a secure receiver box which also allows you to install your own radio set.

35-turn Crawler Spec Motor
A sealed, brushed motor with 35 turns provides the perfect mix of speed on the trail and crawling torque for climbing steep embankments and obstacles. It's a standard 540-size motor, so it's easy to change the motor for something else you've got in your collection. Thanks to the all-metal gears in the transmission and standard electronics sizing, you can easily upgrade to a brushless motor and 3S battery for extra speed and wheelspin to get over anything.

 • Factory-assembled & pre-painted electric-powered full-time 4WD 1/10 scale off-road truck
 • Officially licensed replica Toyota FJ Cruiser body
 • Functional roof rack plus side mirrors
 • Front bumper features brush guard, light mounts and D-ring shackles
 • Rear bumper features swing-away spare tire mount and D-ring shackles
 • Adjustable rock rail side sliders help the truck get over tough obstacles
 • Formed steel C-channel chassis rails
 • Front-mount motor and transmission position for ultimate scale realism
 • Front weight bias improves climbing traction and provides more realistic driving
 • All-metal gear drivetrain for extreme durability
 • Central transfer case with slider driveshafts to front and rear differentials
 • Transfer case prevents motor stall for the best climbing action
 • Transfer case also straightens & lowers center driveshafts for more efficient power transfer
 • Axles feature small diff case or "pumpkin" size for best possible ground clearance
 • Aluminum differential pumpkin cover
 • Locked differentials for superb off-road climbing traction
 • 12mm aluminum hex hubs to fit any available crawler wheels
 • Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions to allow for wheelbase options
 • BTA (Behind The Axle) steering linkage for improved approach and departure angles
 • Panhard bar for scale looks and optimized geometry with zero bump steer
 • Zero Ackermann high steer knuckle design for improved obstacle clearance and tighter turning radius
 • 3-link front and triangulated 3-link rear suspension
 • Oil-filled aluminum coilover shock absorbers (63-90mm stroke)
 • Adjustable threaded shock bodies for quick ride height changes
 • Dual-stage shock springs
 • Aluminum lower link/shock mounts
 • Aluminum panhard mounts
 • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) realistic steering setup
 • Adjustable body mounting to fit any style of off-road body
 • Fully braced rear body mounts
 • All-terrain Rockthorn 109mm x 38mm soft S-Compound tires with chunky tread blocks
 • Beadlock style CR-10 ten-spoke 1.9 wheels
 • HPI 35-turn crawler spec motor provides speed as well as crawling torque
 • HPI waterproof SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition adjustable electronic speed control
 • HPI water-resistant SS-20WR steering servo
 • HPI TF-40 2.4GHz radio system with carry handle
 • HPI waterproof 2.4GHz receiver in protective case
 • Full set of ball bearings
 • Includes NiMH battery and charger and 4 AA batteries for radio transmitter

NiCad/Ni-MH:7.2v 2000mAh NiMH (Inc.)
Electric Motor:35-turn Crawler Spec Motor (Inc.)
Height:238mm (9.4") with roof rack, 217mm (8.5") without
Length: 527mm (20.7")
Radio:TF-41 2.4GHz Radio
Speed Controller:SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition (Inc.)
Type:RTR (Ready to Run)
Weight:2.4kg (5.3lbs) Running weight
Wheel Base:311mm (12.3")
Wheel Drive:4WD
Width:227mm (9")


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Part No: 116558
Item Name: HPI Venture Crawler Toyota FJ Cruiser RTR (Gunmetal)
Brand: HPI Racing
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