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25214218Cularis Kit Multiplex£139.99
Cularis Kit Multiplex - 25214218
The Cularis can be built as a glider or electric glider. For the electric version we recommend the dedicated power set, # 33 2633. With the recommended battery this power system provides 6 to 8 climbs to around 150 m on a single charge. If you want more power, simply fi t a larger propeller (e.g. 12 x 8” or 13.5 x 7”); this gives a better rate of climb at the cost of reduced motor run times. The set also includes a glider nose cone in which an optional aero-tow coupling can be installed. The model can then be flown as a glider and launched by aero-tow. Our MENTOR makes a great tug for the Cularis. Cularis - an ideal model for weekend and club pilots.

• Minimal cost
• Minimal building effort
• Minimal risk of breakage thanks to robust ELAPOR® foam
• Four-fl ap wing: camber-changing flaps and butterfly (crow) / landing aid function
• Optional electric power set with ample power
• Broad performance spectrum, including aerobatics and thermalling
• Wide speed range

Kit contents:
Moulded ELAPOR components
CFRP and GRP spars, Injection-moulded parts including motor bulkhead, Small items and linkage components, Decal sheet, Comprehensive illustrated building instructions

The mechanical retainer system engages automatically when the wings are plugged in; at the same time the servos are connected electrically, eliminating the tedious task of connecting the wing-mounted servos. The all-moving tailplane is also removable, with an automatic retainer system. Two carbon wing spars for ample strength. Like the all-moving tailplane, the wings can be unlocked and removed very simply, making transport straightforward. GRP reinforcements in the fuselage and tailplane. Polycarbonate fuselage nose reinforcement. Wing-mounted servos covered by protective fairings. All the electronic components have a pre-defined position in the model.

Radio:4-5 Channel
Weight:1400 - 1680g

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Part No: 25214218
Item Name: Cularis Kit Multiplex
Brand: Multiplex
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