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A-HOR040Horejsi Long Shot 3 Discus Glid£229.99
Long Shot 3 Discus Glider DLG - A-HOR040
The incredible Long Shot just got even better with the long awaited release of the Long Shot 2! The new Long Shot 3 has been developed with many improvements to keep it up to date and it competitive with all the best F3K gliders.

These improvments include:
• A carbon/kevlar pod
• Optimized vertical and horizontal stabilizers
• Foam/glass removable horizontal stabilizer with 5% thick airfoil
• Servos moved to the wing root for lower inertia momentum
• Optional micro pushrods to control the tail feathers
• Flat launching peg

Just like the original, the Long Shot 2 is supplied as a quick build kit, with very high quality glassed, extruded foam wings panels, a two piece pod & boom fuselage, balsa fin/rudder (needs covering) and quality hardware, making final construction is quick and easy!

The Long Shot is a Discus Launch Glider, also known as "Side Arm Launch" or "SAL". This means that the model is launched in a similar way to the way that a discus is thrown! The model is launched after one 360 degree rotation and the height that can be reached from even a gentle launch is simply is quite common to achieve launch heights of 30 to 40 meters and this will return still air flight times of 45 to 60 seconds, plenty of time to find those thermals! The discus launch is also very easy on the body (gentle warming up is recommended), and it possible to launch many, many times without getting tired! Getting away in a thermal, from a hand launch is one of the most rewarding achievements you can make in aeromodelling!!

Build Type:KIT
Length:1140mm (44.9")
Radio:3 Ch.
Servos:4 Micro
Weight:280g (0.61lb)
Wingspan:1500mm (59")

This item is currently out of stock.
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Part No: A-HOR040
Item Name: Horejsi Long Shot 3 Discus Glider DLG
Brand: Horejsi
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