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All Products > "F1672 Robbe Vario/Altitude Sensor (TEK)"



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With its small dimensions and a weight of only 5.5 g is is likely that the robbe TEK precision vario and altimeter is currently the world's smallest, lightest and most accurate sensor (with dual TEK sensor). The individual robbe-Futaba sensor ID automatically configures the sequence and display unit when the sensor is registered (to the transmitter or the Telemetry-Box).
Features of the vario-altimeter sensor:
High sensitivity of 2 cm/s makes it possible to exploit very weak thermal lift. The system indicates even the slightest sign of the model climbing.
The TEK socket makes it possible to compensate for "stick-generated thermals". The result is that speed changes have hardly any effect on the vario sound and speech output.
The second supplementary pressure sensor provides accurate altitude monitoring, in spite of the variometer's TEK compensation, which produces a further improvement in sensitivity.
This variometer is naturally height-compensated (a 1 mBar change of pressure at sea-level corresponds to a different rate of climb at an altitude of 3000 m )
Pressure is converted in accordance with standard ICAO atmosphere with an accuracy of 1 m
The TEK vario / altimeter is particularly good at rejecting interference from 2.4 GHz telemetry transmitters.
Update facility via USB, i.e. software updates and future developments can be installed by the user
Pressure element mounted on a ceramic substrate for extremely low pressure sensor drift due to temperature and protracted usage.
Vario measurement range: -300 m/s +300 m/s
Vario resolution: = 2 cm/s
Altitude measurement: -1000 m ... +9000 m
Altitude resolution: 1 m

Dimensions: approx. 37.5 x 22.5 x 9.3 mm
Weight: approx. 6.5 g
Operating voltage: 3.6 ... 8.4 V
Current drain: approx. 5 mA


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Part No: F1672
Item Name: Robbe Vario/Altitude Sensor (TEK)
Brand: Robbe
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