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Arrowind ESCs are built to extremely accurate standards and very high quality materials are used throughout. Arrowind are proud of that quality and are happy to display it to you by the use of clear heatshrink outer covering. That quality results in predictable, high performance time after time.

The setup of each ESC can be made using stick commands, or in a much more user-friendly way, with the optional program card. The LCD display on the card is easy to read and the program steps are logical. The program card has all the options written on it to save you always carrying the instructions!

Each ESC comes pre-programmed for Li-Po cells as part of the default. All other battery types can be used by programming the exact low voltage cut-off value you require relative to the type of battery. You can of course course use Li-pos at a different cut-off value as well.

By selecting the correct combination of parameters, these ESCs can be used for Aircraft, gliders and helicopters alike.

Programmable Features:

* Cut Off Voltage: Low voltage protection threshold, User can set voltage threshold according to cell quantity within a range of 00.0~49.9v. Default is 00.0V (Li-Po automatic)

*Start Power Position Percentage: (00%~29%). Default is 00%
* Timing Mode: Low/Mid/High/Highest. Default is Middle
* Brake Type: Off/Soft/Hard. Default is Off (brake disabled)
* Start Mode: Fast Start/Soft Start/Very Soft Start. Default is Fast
* Cutoff Type: Soft-Cut/Cut-Off. Default is to reduce the output power (Soft-Cut)
* Throttle Curve Mode: CURVE1/CURVE2/CURVE3. Default is curve1 (Linear)
* Motor Rotation: Forward and Reverse. Default is Forward

LiPo:2 - 10
NiCad/Ni-MH:5 - 36
B.E.C. (V/Amps):OPTO
Continuous Current:100A


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Part No: P-AWDFC10010HV
Item Name: Arrowind Brushless ESC-HV100A Opto ESC Speed Control High Voltage
Brand: Arrowind
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